Namo’s Standby Appeal To The Citizens Of India!!

Narendra Modi in his recent speech gave way to the continuous support shown by us as Indians.(we the people, for the people, and by the people)

Let us hear and listen out to his extremely important connotation made today at 10:00 AM (on 14th April!!)

“Even in these tough times, your patience, innocence and the keepers of your own health! Yes, we have tried to achieve this endless fight against deadly corona virus??”

With a willful thought, Narendra Modi said,” We all have had share of problems in order to tackle this deadly virus (within us too!!). Let’s make sure that the economically unprivileged are provided the love and respect they deserve.”

Remebering Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar ji on his birth anniversary.

In his birth time, Babasaheb Ambedkar made sure that the Constitution must remain the same. Following the rules made by the government is the real sharadhnjali we can try to give back to India.

During this tough phase too we are celebrating the festivity left in us!! If not started yet, this is the right time to do it!!

Here are 7 to do points we need to make to assure there is safety around!! 

  1. While we are in this seal down phase, let us make sure that old aged citizens are given the extra care. Please take care of their medical history before consulting.
  1. The art of making homemade masks has reached it’s highest peak!! Let us make sure that this will help us improve the social distancing!
  1. AYUSH ministry for the betterment of the effected patients have laid down few rules! Help me and yourself by following them.
  1. Remember Aarogya Setu! We have paved way for its improvement! It is my humble request to download it, (if not done yet)
  1. The economically unprivileged need to be the greatest deserving aspect for us!! Come!! Let us be a free hand in serving them!!
  1. I understand that sometimes we do make mistakes. In this needy hour let us not forget that we still do have empathy!! Don’t take away their hopes and dreams! Let’s find a job in that job!!
  1. The health keepers!!! They need us now!! Let us bring an understanding within ourselves to save ourselves!! Corona Warriors!!!

    Anagha Mahishi


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