Nana Patekar to help 400 families of slain army and paramilitary personnel!

If there is one celebrity who has earned massive respect in the eyes of the public for his work off-screen then its Nana Patekar. Rarely does a celebrity command such love and respect from the common masses as Nana Patekar does.

We all know about Nana’s magnanimous nature. He donated 90% of his wealth to those in need. He gave 15,000 rupees each to 62 families of farmers who’d committed suicide in the Marathwada region. He himself visited 112 farmer families.

His benevolence will now benefit families of martyred soldiers. Along with him, actor Makarand Anaspure will also be involved in the campaign to help the families. They will reach out to 400 families of slain Army and paramilitary personnel through their Pune-based NAAM Foundation.

The families of our martyred soldiers will receive Rs 2.5 lakh each. The foundation will spend Rs 10 crore on the project this year.

The foundation approached the ministry of defence seeking details of personnel who’d lost their lives in the line of duty. The funds have been accumulated and the process of giving the solatium to families will begin once the foundation receives the names of the soldiers.

Nana has been very outspoken when it comes to speaking on behalf of our soldiers. We remember how when Bollywood actors came out to defend Pakistani actors, Nana Patekar thrashed them by saying that these people are fake, the only real heroes of our country are our soldiers.

Such dedication in helping the society is rarely seen in Bollywood. Forget acting to benefit our soldiers, most actors don’t even have the dignity to acknowledge their sacrifice. On the contrary, they back Pakistani actors forgetting the sentiments of our soldiers and their families.

But I guess the apathy that these selfish hypocritical actors show towards our soldiers, is overwhelmed by the astonishing deeds of people like Nana Patekar and Akshay Kumar. Also, we must applaud Gautam Gambhir for his regular contributions to the families of our martyrs. One more sportsperson that needs to be mentioned is SainaNehwal who also contributes regularly. We hope to see more and more celebrities coming out and doing the same.

Vinayak Jain