A Narendra Modi fan finds an innovative way to tackle cash problem and open defecation at the same time!

We know our PM has been seeking support from people to deal with the temporary cash shortage problem. He has also been actively seeking support for keeping Bharat clean. One of his prime objectives is to assist people to build toilets at home.

We need volunteers like Sharanamma Bakar, a 45-year-old vegetable vendor in Karnataka district of Koppal. She is an ardent fan of Modiji, as admitted by her in own words. In her noble service to the honorable PM, she came up with a unique initiative to honor common people in her village.

If any family has built a toilet at their home, then Sharanamma will give them 1kg tomato free. Obviously, her idea has become viral in the small village, encouraging people to build toilets. She has already distributed 300 kg of tomatoes free. No, she is not offering tomatoes to deal with large stock of tomatoes.  

Her plan is rather simple. She personally buys 120 kg of tomatoes every day from the wholesale market, to support her incentive program. She also gives 1 kg tomato free to families who are keen to construct a toilet at home.

Sharanamma Bakar is aware that only 500 families have a toilet at home in her village. The total number of families is 1,300. Her mission is to tell people, that toilet is important for personal and environment hygiene both. She often goes to homes in her village to tell people about the importance of having toilets at home. She also makes them aware of financial access given to them by the government, to build a toilet at home.

“I’ve been selling vegetables for 25 years to eke out a living. I am a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s encouraging people to build toilets in their houses as part of the Swachh mission,” she said to TOI.

Channamma, from the village, said, “The woman vendor is doing an incredible job. She came to our house and enquired about the toilet mission. When we replied in the affirmative, she gave us tomatoes.”

(Inputs from TOI)

Pooja Bhatia