Narendra Modi government cancels medical visas for Pakistanis!

Pakistani news channels have reported that the Narendra Modi government is not giving medical visas to their nationals anymore.

Geo News says that thousands of Pakistanis seeking treatment for liver and heart-related ailments at major hospitals in New Delhi, Chennai and other Indian cities have been affected due to non-issuance of medical visas.

Dunya TV also reported that ‘India is making several changes in the rules to make the visa process more complicated while no visa has been granted to any Pakistani citizen in the last two months.’

Pakistan summoned the Indian high commissioner, Gautam Bambawale, in Islamabad on the matter and expressed concern.

“India has made it impossible for Pakistanis to get medical visas,” a Pakistani official said.

There is also news that the Modi government is looking at changing the rules of business and religious visas of people coming from Pakistan.

Pakistan is rattled by this change. A Pakistani channel even went to the extent of saying that ‘India’s act was inhumane’ and that ‘India will suffer financially because of this move’.

But this move is absolutely appropriate. We aren’t under any obligation to maintain relations with a nation that functions on an anti-India agenda. One must realize that this anti-India feeling doesn’t just run through the Pakistani government and the Army, but even through a considerable portion of Pakistan’s populace.

I’ll give one example of this mentality – Atif Aslam, is what he is today because of India and the Indian people. Saad Bin Jung is a first-class cricketer who spoke about an incident involving Atif. He said that Atif was interacting with a group of people after a show in a foreign nation. The crowd had both Indians and Pakistanis. According to Saad Bin Jung, Atif interacted only with the Pakistanis and openly mocked Indians in the crowd.

It is of no surprise that most Pakistanis are brought up on an anti-India sentiment. This can mainly be attributed to their education that distorts history and portrays India as the enemy, and to their media as well.

Pakistani news channels need to be asked – If this is inhumane, how would you describe the beheadings of our soldiers? What would you term the death penalty to Kulbhushan Jadhav? What is killings of our soldiers and civilians on a regular basis because of your terrorism?

But one must applaud Pakistani nerve. Kill our soldiers, threaten us with nuclear war, provide shelter to terrorists who kill our people, and then expect us to extend all the niceties.

But Pakistan shouldn’t need Indian facilities, should they? They have China for everything. Their ‘all-weather’ friend. Why don’t Pakistanis get their medical treatment done in China? Or is it too expensive?

I completely support PM Modi’s move. Pakistan needs to feel the pain in every which way. And the best way is to reduce the benefits their civilians acquire because of India. When their civilians, actors, businessmen, farmers, will feel the pain, they’ll pressurize the establishment to cease terror activities and talk.

Vinayak Jain