Narendra Modi government negotiated the Rafale deal very well: French President Emmanuel Macron

Just days before French President Emmanuel Macron visits India, he has made a big statement supporting the Modi government on the Rafale deal which was done between India and France. The opposition which was since many days attacking the government on Rafale deal demanded the defence ministry to release the documents.

The Rafale deal was started during the Congress government in 2008, but failed to complete the process even after 8 years. This lead to massive deficiency in the defense sector and especially in the Indian Air Force. The deal made by Congress was said to be completely flawed and many ministers in the Congress government had said to have got huge kickbacks for the deal. This issue was raised by opposition when Congress was in power and provided many evidence and paper proof claiming that the Rafale deal had many controversy.

The Indian Airforce in 2008 had submitted a requisition to the Congress government stating that they were out of crucial ammunition and war accessories which had caused a great concern in the armed forces. Although this information was not revealed at first, on later stages it was understood that the Congress government had completely neglected the defence purchases. But after the Modi government came to power the armed forces again made a request to clear the defence deals as it was pending since long and the severe shortage of ammunition and war jets was a matter of concern.

The first defence deal that was taken by Modi government was Rafale. In a span of 1 year, the deal was sealed with their weapon packages, associated supplies and logistics, after scrapping the long-pending and deadlocked $20 billion MMRCA (medium multi-role combat aircraft) project for 126 fighters. The first set of 36 Rafale jets were signed to be delivered by 2019.

But the Congress immediately rose objections over the deal calling it fraud and demanded revelation of details on Rafale deal. Without producing credible documents or data, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi simply alleged that there was a scam in the deal of the Modi government and wanted them to declassify all the files related to Rafale. When the deal was done by Modi government, everyone in the defence sector and the political analysts had appreciated about the hard talks done by Modi government which not only brought down the cost of the Rafale deal but also got an upgraded version of fighter planes.

Even then Congress along with some media houses kept spreading fake news about Rafale deal. But now the French President Emmanuel Macron has given a statement to Indian Today saying that the Indian government made a very good argument for the Rafale deal.

In the interview, Mr Macron said “The negotiation was a win-win approach. Your government made very good negotiations in the interests of India. Refusing to reveal the details on the deal Macron said  “You have commercial agreement and you have competitors. And these competitors are not supposed to know some details of the deal because it will not be good for the company for commercial reasons.”

The interests of people of India were “well defended” by the Indian government “from an economic point of view and a strategic point of view” in the procurement of 36 Rafale fighter jets, It is a very good agreement. It is for your security because it is the best aircraft. And it is the best way to be protected in the current environment,” he said.

When asked specifically about the opposition’s demand on revealing the deal,Macron said  “In our alliance between Indian and France, we don’t reveal some information when they are sensitive for business reasons. The absence of answers on some technical issues is due to commercial agreements for the interest of different companies.”  “You have some discussions to be organised by the Indian government and (it) reveals some details of the deal, they consider which could be revealed to the opposition and Parliament. I am not the one to interfere in such issues. But definitely, you have commercial sensitivity.”

This is a slap in the face of opposition who claimed that Modi government was deliberately hiding the details and spread false information just to create confusion in the minds of people. Rahul Gandhi who is proving himself to be a joker around the world, should first look into his own party’s history of scams and loots before he mocks others.

Aishwarya S