Narendra Modi govt is all set to withdraw amenities provided by the Central and State governments to separatists.

In what can be seen as a blow to the separatists of Kashmir, the present Shri. Narendra Modi government is all set to withdraw amenities provided by the Central and State governments to separatists. For a long time now taxpayers”™ money has been spent on providing facilities including security cover to separatists such as Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Farooq and Yasin Malik. It would be worthwhile to mention here that these people not only indulge in anti-India propaganda on foreign shores but are also responsible for inciting mob violence in Kashmir Valley.


Every year the government spends close to Rs. 100 crores on separatists. Of these, 90 percent comes from the centre while the rest is borne by the state government. The facilities offered to these terror apologists include air tickets, hotel stay facilities and taxi services. This includes travel both within and outside the country. In return these people have been indulging in anti-India propaganda at various forums. Besides this, security cover is given to them by the state government. Presently, around 950 policemen are employed in guarding the separatists.

Change in policy

All this is set to be a thing of the past now. The centre has decided to withdraw these facilities in addition revoking the passport of these anti-nationals. It has also requested the state government, under whose purview security decisions fall, remove security guards provided to them.

This move by the government is expected to clip their wings and bring them in line. Already, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) has been probing the flow of funds from foreign bank accounts into the valley. These funds are believed to be used for anti-national activities. NIA recently recorded the statement of Naeem Geelani, son of Hurriyat leader Geelani, in this regard.

The policy envisioned by the central government, whenever it is brought into fruition, would be both a departure from previously held government policy and a step in the right direction in making these terror apologists toe the line of the centre.  

Latha Iyer