Is Narendra Modi really successful in handling China issue or has he failed like Nehru?

In history, Nehru is remembered as the first Prime Mister of India who betrayed the nation in all aspects. Be it decisions related to Indian Army, Kashmir, caste politics, he literally made India look low in the eyes of the world.

One of the biggest blunders of Nehru was the Indo-China war of 1962. Nehru was that man who went against the advise of Army chief K.S Thimayya to attack China. China always eyed to grab many parts of east India since 1954. The Aksai Chin region of India was shown as a part of China which should have been sorted out through talks with China. But Nehru felt China was not a threat and chose to remain silent.

Nehru came up with a bizarre idea of Forward Base Policy. The Forward Policy sought raising the Army patrol in the region claimed by Chinese and launching attacks. This increased the chances of conflict between both the countries. While India was not prepared for war, China made an aggressive attack in the year 1962 in which India faced a humiliating defeat. The idea to increase the army patrol in the border region was taken purely by Nehru and then defence minister V K Menon going against the advice of Army Chief.

When Chinese soldiers entered Assam, all Nehru could say was….”my heart goes out to the people of Assam.” He more so accepted the defeat and showed the helpless nature of his government while India lost thousands of soldiers.

But has Modi government done something better to tame the dragons?

The answer is yes! Firstly Narendra Modi took keen interest in the development of North east region which was neglected for decades. He believed the only way to take control over the region was to bring development and wash out the naxal problem in the area who were receiving funds from China and many anti national agencies .Construction of the Bipin Hazarika bridge which connects Dhola in Arunachal Pradesh to Sadiya in Assam was one of the major development which ensures easy transport. The main reason of constructing this bridge was to help army transport vehicles, armed forces to Arunchal Pradesh in order to gain complete control over the region.

PM Modi has also started a massive plan on starting economic corridor between India, Myanmar and South-East Asian countries which will ensure complete dominance over the region and prevent China from expanding their base. He has also initiated project with Bangladesh to start road connectivity with Tripura and Chittagong. The main reason is to use Tripura as a second alternative for military operations and ensure they have proper connectivity with rest of India.

PM Modi deliberately allowed Dalai Lama to visit Tawang and sent a strong message to China. India’s win over Doklam issue was one of the biggest diplomatic victory to Modi government which gave clear indication that India was no longer under Nehru rule.

So, it is not easy for China to play games with India as like before. They very well realise that India has gained massive support from East Asian countries, Japan and US which will make it difficult for China to dominate over Arunachal Pradesh. And this is the simple difference between what Nehru did and what Narendra Modi is doing.

Aishwarya S