Narendra Modi walks the talk, criminal netas to be soon sent to jail by special courts!

It was during 2014, Narendra Modi government made first attempt to put an end to cases against tainted MPs and MLAs in one year, but the Supreme Court had rejected the centre’s plea and said the cases cannot be solved in one year.

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But now the Supreme Court has asked the Centre to set up 12 special court to dispose of the case against criminal politicians. The centre has now taken up the task to set up special courts across the country to decide the cases against tainted netas. Two special courts will handle cases against 228 MPs and other 10 courts will be set up in as many states —Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, UP and West Bengal— where number of tainted MLAs are more than 65 reported TOI.

The government has now allocated 7.80 crore for the scheme and is going to be functional for one year. The centre said that each court may have to dispose of 165 cases per annum and 12 courts would bring to an end the long pending cases against MPs and MLAs.

The Ministry of Finance on December 8 said that it has given approval for the scheme and said “Disposing of 1,581 criminal cases involving political persons within a time frame of one year as directed by SC is the aim as well as the objective of the scheme. It is proposed to set up a total of 12 special courts across the country in various states to decide such cases at an expenditure of Rs 7.80 crore.”

As per 2014 details, there are 13,500 pending cases against various MPs and MLAs for which the centre sought time for the courts to collect details regarding the cases. The growing pressure from the general public to refrain tainted MPs and MLAs from contesting elections has indeed made the Supreme Court take a strong decision. Last month, the Election Commission for the first time said that convicted netas should be barred from contesting polls. The EC had also made a request to the Supreme Court that a law is required to curb the growing menace of criminalisation of politics.

The Supreme Court had even questioned the EC as to why was no decision taken to bar criminal netas from contesting elections. “Can you afford to remain silent? Is silence an option?” the bench had asked.

After 3 long years, the Supreme Court has now finally taken up the task which Modi requested in 2014, to set up courts which is definitely a welcome step. It is only a matter of time that all criminal netas will be convicted and barred from entering the election gambit.

Aishwarya S


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