Narendra Modi was secretly interrogated by investigators appointed by Congress in Ishrat Jahan case, Ex-cop makes sensational claim!

The Ishrat Jahan encounter was one such case which opened the Pandora box of many politicians and exposed how some political parties in India supported terrorists and anti-national elements who wanted to destroy India.

In 2004, when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Gujarat special cell and police had encountered 4 LeT terrorists who were on a mission to execute powerful politicians in Gujarat. According to the Intelligence report, Ishrat Jahan was a suicide bomber who was named for the job. But before any attack could take place, the Gujarat police and the intelligence team encountered her along with her counterparts in 2004.

But the entire case was twisted by the Congress party which was at the central government in 2005. What turned out to be a shocking factor was the Congress government which wanted to stop Narendra Modi used this opportunity to project Ishrat Jahan as innocent college girl, martyr, victim etc, some politicians even called her “daughter”. Ambulance service was named after her “Shahid Ishrat Jahan”, she was made a martyr overnight. In a bid to prove the encounter fake, a case was filed in the Supreme court against all the officers who were involved in the Ishrat Jahan encounter and pointed at then Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi as the master mind behind it.

Although there was strong evidence against Ishrat Jahan, the Congress government had used all its might to depict Ishrat Jahan as innocent. In the later stages, it was found that the affidavits of Ishrat Jahan was changed in the highest levels of Home Ministry. But on 11th February 2016 David Coleman Headley, the master mind behind 26/11 confessed before the Mumbai court: Ishrat Jehan, the 19-year-old student killed in an encounter in Gujarat in 2004, was a member of Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar e Taiba.

This literally exposed all the politicians and parties who supported a terrorist just to win a political mileage and attack Narendra Modi. It was later clear that the main target for the Congress was Narendra Modi and wanted to implicate Modi in the Ishrat Jahan case. Two years back, Rajendra Kumar, former special director, Intelligence Bureau revealed to timesnow that he was pressurized by the CBI and top officials from central government to implicate Modi in the Ishrat Jahan encounter. . Kumar in his revelations claimed institutions like CBI was totally misused to frame Modi and Amit Shah. Officers in IB were lured, threatened, degraded and careers destroyed with an intention to frame Modi in the case.

Apart from him, GK Pillai, Former Home Secy revealed that investigation on Ishrat Jahan was botched up at top political level and Congress leadership interfered at every step of investigation. RVS Mani, former under secretary in the UPA government had also made chilling revelations as to how he was tortured by SIT chief head Satish Verma who was then heading the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. But the CBI completely failed to produce evidence against Amit Shah and Narendra Modi whom they claimed were the masterminds of the encounter.

Now again, Ex-to cop DG Vanzara who was also accused of fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan has made a sensational claim that Congress appointed Satish Verma had conducted secret interrogation of then Chief Minister Narendra Modi but hid the official records of the interrogation. Mr Vanzara accused Satish Verma of hiding the facts of interrogation. He went on to say that Satish Verma was instructed by the top government officials from Home Ministry to interrogate CM of Gujarat with an intention to fix him in the case.

Now the question is why did Satish Verma hide the fact of interrogating Narendra Modi? Any investigation conducted by the IO (Investigating Officer) should be officially recorded, but Satish Verma seems to have hid all records relating to Modi’s interrogation.

D G Vanzara claimed that Satish Verma visited CM office many times and desperately wanted to implicate Modi in the Ishrat Jahan case. But when he was unsuccessful in framing Modi, he chose to hide the facts from the court. This is not the first time Satish Verma has been accused of misusing power in a bid to please the Congress under Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

RVS Mani, former under secretary had also said that Satish Verma burnt him with cigarette stubs and threatened his family unless they agree to co-operate with him. Mr Mani revealed how there were two affidavits filed on Ishrat Jahan completely contradictory to each other. The first affidavit filed on 6th August 2009 by RVS Mani said that based on reports received by Intelligence Bureau and available facts it was clear that Ishrat Jahan was a LeT operative on a mission. But a second affidavit filed on 30th September 2009 made complete U-Turn that there was no sufficient evidence to claim Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. According to GK Pillai and RVS Mani, the second affidavit was made according to orders from the MAN above Home Secretary. But the man above Home Secretary is none other than Home Minister himself.

These records quite clearly indicate how Congress wanted to desperately implicate Modi in the case and calling terrorist Ishrat Jahan was part of a much bigger plan.

Aishwarya S