Narendra Modi’s Exclusive Interview to India Today After Demonetization – Tears Apart Opposition for Supporting Corruption!

In an exclusive one to one interview with a magazine Honorable PM Narendra Modi has made it very clear that the  banning of currency notes of higher denomination has done a world of good for the country and it will help the country transform itself beyond anyone’s imagination in near future. Narendra Modi who is known for taking tough decisions without calculating political gains said the decision to demonetize the currency notes were not to obtain any short term gain but to reap out long term gains. Mr. Prime Minister also said demonetization has forced all those law breakers come out in the open.

The politicians of this country are so intelligent that they calculated the effects of the decision within days of ‘Demonitization’ to be bad for the country and then followed a series of vicious attacks on Modi and BJP. PM Narendra Modi has regarded all the criticism as baseless and said that his drive will bring with it a lot of positive effects for the nation in the long term.

‘Black Money belonging to corrupt businessman, politician, bureaucrats or professionals has all been forced out in the open. Fake Currency (Counterfeit Notes) which was in high volume with the enemies of the land according to intelligence agencies of India have been neutralized immediately following the decision. The media in its reports has elaborately reported districts which were earlier famous as counterfeit currency centers being badly hit. Also cash held by terrorists, Maoists, naxalites and other extremists have been of no use since demonetization. The decision has also greatly effected highly damaging illegal activities such as, human trafficking, smuggling and trading of narcotics as well’.

One must understand that the central government hasn’t taken a decision on demonetization for some short term windfall gain, but for long term structural transformation. The objective of the government was to clean the mess in our economy and society of the evils such as black money, wiping out distrust and many other artificial pressures that came along with it. Here are the top 10 points mentioned by PM Modi which are at the core of the issue.

  1. First and foremost Modi said he believes India is on the cusp of actualizing its true potential which will make it a developed nation and a global leader. He says his government wants to clean up the nation of all the filth.
  2. On being questioned about frequent changes made by the RBI and Government to tackle the issue Modi said people should be able to differentiate between policy(niti) and strategy ((ran-niti). He says the government is very clear with its policy on demonetization,  with the primary intention of bringing out black money and neutralizing counterfeit currency. The strategy (ran-niti) of the government should have been different and there’s no doubt about that. He says decisions were taken on a daily basis to stay a foot ahead of the enemy of the nation.
  3. He also mentioned that he has had not taken a single decision which has personally benefited him in the past 16 years of his public life. Hence whatever his critics might say, the decision is taken for the good of the country and not for any personal gains says Modi.
  4. He thanked the citizens of India who stood rock solid behind him even at the cost of personal pain for the gain of the nation. He says he is thankful to all the 1.25 billion people of this great land who wholeheartedly welcomed the decision and supported it even though they had to go through short term pains personally. He also said people intuitively understood the impact and importance of the decision and as a result have backed the decision unwaveringly.
  5. He directly attacked Congress questioning its hypocrisy. Modi says the Congress on one hand blames BJP saying it took the decision to reap political mileage and on the other hand they say people, especially, poor have undergone great difficulty and hence are unhappy. Modi questioned how both of this can go together, exposing the bankruptcy of thoughts of leaders of that party.
  6. On the question of Parliament not functioning, Pm made it very clear that the government tried all it could to keep the parliament functioning but it was the non-cooperative nature of the opposition that led to a wipe out. He also added that he was very keen to address both the houses and put before parliamentarians the government’s point of view, but the Congress led opposition derailed the functioning of both the houses instead of having a fruitful debate.
  7. PM says there’s been a recent fashion of reducing all the talks related to corruption only on politicians and political parties, which according to him is dangerous because it provides a chance for others who are as guilty to get away with their heinous crimes. He also added that he does not mean to say there are no corrupt politicians but only wishes to say that debate of corruption should not be limited to political parties and politicians.
  8. He also welcomed the Election Commission’s initiative to explore the possibility of simultaneous assembly and Lok sabha elections as it will help political parties come out of their election mode and do some real work for 5 years of their ruling. Modi said he had repeatedly expressed his concern about how the current electoral system of multiple elections not only makes nation remain perpetually in election mode, there by stalling governance but also increases the expenses of political parties which in turn hurts the economy of the nation.
  9. It is interesting that a leader like Manmohan Singh who has been at the helm of affairs from the past 45 years terms the decision taken by Government as a ‘Monumental Disaster’ says Modi. He asks what did Mr Singh do to lift the poor out of poverty and help marginalized lead a life of respect, during the period when he enjoyed various positions in the government. Mr Manmohan Singh who has been Chief Economic Advisor, DEA Secretary, RBI Governor, Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Finance Minister and even Prime Minister of the country. Modi asked what had Manmohan Singh done when he was in power to help the underprivileged and the neglected section of the society.
  10. Lastly Modi said if there will ever be an unbiased study of the policies rolled out by the Central Government in the past two and a half years, programs implemented by the center, one thing will clearly emerge, i.e., all the policies and programs have been implemented with the focus on changing the lives of poor, underprivileged, downtrodden and marginalized.



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