Narendra Modi’s foreign trips : How the trips have led to the emergence of an ever strong India (in context of recent events)

There have been a lot of criticisms from various corners of the society, media and intellectuals regarding frequent foreign visits of the PM Shri Narendra Modi. This section often trolls and ridicules the foreign visits of the PM of India. Though all these foreign trips have exclusively been official in nature and haven’t involved even a single day of leisure, it doesnt go down well with a section of the society which leaves no stone unturned to mock the initiatives of the PM.

Apart from the fact that Foreign Direct Investment has significantly increased in the last two years and is at an all time highest, thanks to a huge number of foreign companies that Indian pm has wooed during his various foreign trips to the advanced countries, these trips have increased tourist inflows, strengthened cooperation at various levels and strengthened bilateral ties between India and various nations. it has been due to the foreign trips of the PM that today, all the countries but one, is supporting India’s membership in the elite NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) and is already a member of MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime).

But let us look how these strengthened bilateral ties have shaped the recent turn of events after Uri attacks. How all but a few countries have isolated Pakistan. It all started with India pulling out of SAARC summit. In an unprecedented move, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan also supported India and pulled out of SAARC, in a huge diplomatic blow to Pakistan, asserting the boycott of Pakistan by South Asian nations. Soon after, Nepal joined the party and altogether cancelled the SAARC summit, completing the process of isolation of Pakistan. Such a big development needs immense support and great ties at the highest levels of governance of two countries. Successive visits of Narendra Modi to Afghanistan, and his visit to Bangladesh and Bhutan have played a major role.

Today morning, elite forces of Indian Army crossed the LoC and entered into Pakistan occupied Kashmir, where they carried surgical strikes to eliminate 8 terrorist camps and killed 38 terrorists (unofficial numbers might be more). As per the Shimla agreement, Indian Army crossing LoC to PoK means breaking the sovereignty of Pakistan. In the wake of this event when a nuclear power country like India violated the sovereignty of another nuclear power, it would have been accepted that countries like the USA, UK, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and EU would have criticised India for being the aggressor and called for some restraint, or even some sanctions. But, all the countries are silent and infact, they have condemned Pakistan for not controlling terrorists. Interestingly, USA and UK governments were kept in the loop before the surgical attacks and India coordinated with all the major superpowers of the world for this attack in PoK.

Earlier, when India wanted to take a strict action against Pakistan, the world used to come to the aid of Pakistan by asking India to tone down. This diplomatic support from major superpowers is because of the diplomatic moves, thanks to the PM’s visit to various countries and meetings with various state heads, which has strengthened the ties between various nations and are backing India. Had it not been persistent efforts of the PM himself reaching out to heads of the countries, India wouldn’t have been backed by all the major superpowers. The isolation of Pakistan has begun !

Kshitij Mohan