Why Narendra Modi’s Israel visit will send shivers to Pakistan?!

The world media and the super power nations will keep a close watch on Modi’s visit to Israel. This is more than a historical visit considering it’s the first time in the history of Independent India that a prime minister would visit a nation which is so dear to Indians. This visit has already created a lot of news within the country and all over the world. So what is so special about Narendra Modi’s historical bilateral visit to Israel. ?

Why is the world anxious ?

What had made Pakistan and China more worried than ever ?

What is it so special about Israel and Indian ties ?

Well let me try to explain you why this visit is more than historical. To start off let me tell you this visit of Indian PM to Israel would be firstly to come out of close door and openly tell Arab nations and rest of the world about the strong relation India shares with Israel which until now was suppressed and India was not really vocal about in the global arena.

Israel has always been a amazing friend and a reliable allay irrespective of the fact that India has snubbed them at times to please the Arab countries but that’s all a history now. With this visit India seems to have come out in open and accepted that Israel is one of its best friend and they stand firm together in the war against terrorism. Israel is one of the 4th largest military suppliers to Indian defense system after US, Russia and France. India not only exchanges trade relation with Israel but also hold cultural significance. India has recently signed military deals with Israel for a whopping 2 billion dollars for advanced surface to air missiles. This is apparently the largest military deal India ever made with Israel. Apart from military deals India has also signed a million dollar agricultural deals.

PM Modi’s visit to Israel will particularly focus on signing deals to build long range very high altitude drones which is highly weaponized and Israel is the world leader in building unmanned drones. These highly sophisticated drones with capability to strike enemies at lightning speed will be built in India as a part of Modi’s Make In India campaign.  This simply means once these high end and extremely accurate drones are built they would be used to guard borders and would be used in surgical strikes across the borders. These drones and missiles would be developed using Israeli technology to serve Indian needs. The Indian automobile industry would now be working very closely with Israel as a part of Make in India project to develop advance automobile to serve Indian customers. Israel is equally optimistic about the growing development between the historical friends. Israel technology would be used to develop advanced submarines and nuclear reactors which would pose positive development for both the countries.

This visit is mostly concentrated on boosting Indian military powers. Source also say that National security advisor Ajit Doval would accompany Modi on his visit which hints at a lot of significant development to take place between RAW and Mossad which apparently is the worlds most feared intelligence agency. This visit is a win win deal for both the country and let’s hope our ties only grown with Israel.

Tasleem Ibrahim