How Narendra Modi’s ONE STATEMENT Sent Manmohan Singh Back to ‘Silent Mode’ ?!

After demonetization, many people were eager to know the response from the former Prime Minister who is a renowned economist too, Dr. Manmohan Singh. Finally he spoke in Rajya Sabha, where he is a member, which disappointed not just common man but also people from economics background.
Instead of speaking from economics point of view, Dr. Singh spoke from political perspective. Probably this was also a remote controlled speech because he was eager to put some big terminologies in the speech which he generally does not. In the whole speech he said three phrases: Monumental mismanagement; In the long run we are all dead; Organized loot and legalized blunder. These phrases had hit the headline. However, the response from Prime Minister didn’t get that much publicity from the liberal media because of their practice of non-liberalism.
Prime Minister was addressing a gathering of MPs during a function to mark the Constitution Day, organized by Lok Sabha secretariat. In his speech, PM Modi said “Alochana ye hai ki sarkaar ne puri tayyari nahi ki. Peeda iss baat ki hai ki sarakaar ne tayyaari karne ka mauqa nahi diya (The criticism is that the government was not prepared. Their pain is that they were given no time to prepare)”. 
“Dukh is baat ka hei, agar unko 72 ghante bhi tayyari karne keliye mil jaate to, wah! wah! Modi jaisa koi nahi. Kitna badaa aham kadam uthaaya (Sad part is, if they had got 72 hours for their preparations, then they would have appreciated Wah! Nobody is there like Modi. How big step he has taken)”, PM Modi said.
However, he emphasized on digital currency. He said, “Har kisi ko uske paiso ka haq hei. Koi rokta nahi hai. Lekin zaroori nahi hei ki har note haath mei ho tabhi upyog ho. Aaj vyavasthaaye bahut upalabdh hei. Aap apne mobile phone se bhi aapne saare rupiya jahaa kharch karnaa hei vo kar sakte ho. Aapka pai pai par aapka haq hei” (Everyone has right over their money. Nobody stops them. However, it is not mandatory that you can transact only when you have cash in your hand. You have right over your every paisa).  
Sometimes, certain steps will have to be taken even if all preparations are not complete. Unless the decision is taken, the preparations will never get over. As citizens of this country, we should help others who are not familiar with mobile banking and e-banking and also using of debit and credit cards. Unless people join their hands, the change cannot be translated with full spirit. Let us join hands in the movement of flushing out black money from the country.

Akshara Damle