Naresh Agarwal induction to BJP !! Know, What is the master plan behind this move of BJP Government?

Everyone is shocked by the move of BJP today. Even BJP and Modi lovers are finding it hard to digest the entry of Senior Samajwadi Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Naresh Agarwal to the BJP.

The seven-time MLA from Hardoi constituency, known for his controversial statements, addressing a press conference, said, “I am joining the BJP as I think that until you are in National Party, you cannot do anything for the society. I am also impressed by PM Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and UP CM Yogi. I still respect Mulayam Singh Yadav and Ram Gopal Yadav, but the current scenario in SP where it is doing coalition with Congress and sometimes BSP is very sad.”

Some are criticising this move of BJP government while others are deeply understanding that why this step has been taken by the Modi Government. But before jumping to any conclusion and hating Modi government you must understand why this step is taken by the BJP government.

For this first, you need to understand that In Uttar Pradesh a candidate needs 37 votes to get to the Rajya Sabha. With 19 members in the assembly BSP still falls short of 18. Though her conditional offers Mayawati is eyeing, seven votes from Congress,10 from Samajwadi Party that has 47 members in the assembly and one from RLD. But now with this move of BJP one vote of Mayawati will decrease and Mayawati will not be able to get to Rajya Sabha. Amit Shah has quashed this motive of BSP and has also helped BJP 9th Candidate to reach Rajya Sabha.

Shah is giving a setback to Mayawati who used the same concept to defeat Atal ji. Due to Mayawati, only Atal government was dropped by one vote. Nothing can be better revenge as this if the move goes successful.

Politics is never about right or wrong. It’s the need of hour that decides the move to be taken. Sometimes we have to enter the house of enemy or has to take them inside for destroying their castle and there is no bad in it until the objectives are right.

There is the difference between Ram and Krishna. If you don’t understand then Kindly read again two epics. You need to use Shikhandi to Kill Bhism and you need to use Sankh to Kill Dronacharya. There is No Moral Act in a battle with Immorals. There can never be Morality clause while having war with Parties who ruled India decades after decades and destroyed it.

Entry of Naresh Agarwal in BJP not only give chance to BJP to have 1 Seat Extra in Rajya Sabha but it also expose Naresh Agarwal himself as he Join “Jai Shree Ram” Party . Naresh Agarwal hasn’t become an important Pillar of the party. People like him are taken not as Party Decision Makers but for breaking enemy. Same as Narayan Rane taken in BJP to counter Shiv Sena Game

Modi Ji and Amit Shah always take their move very carefully. What you think that whatever you all are saying about Naresh Agarwal, his controversial remarks,  his comments on Prime Minister Modi, Kulbhushan Yadav, his misogynist attitude and what kind of person he is not known to BJP. Is PM Modi and Amit Shah not aware of him? If you are blaming Modi government for this move then just for a second throw some light on this also that even after knowing everything if BJP is welcoming him there must be some big game plan. There must be some ulterior motive behind it.

Why always you start firing guns on Modi ji and BJP without waiting for a minute even. If you have trust in Modiji and BJP then why don’t you support your leaders in their move instead of blaming. The place they are at, they are thinking far beyond you. You people are just pondering over Naresh Agarwal’s induction, Modi and Amit Shah has planned their further moves also.

Just wait and let the things move at its pace. Soon you will get answers for all of your questions. This is Modi – Shah Party who enters enemy camp use enemy people and defeat the enemy. You can say the decision is bad morally but not politically for sure.