Naseeruddin Shah’s brother Rizwan Ahmed exposes his hypocrisy saying “Where were you when 5 Lakh Kashmiri Pandits were chucked out of their homeland?”

The credit of awakening the sleeping Hindus goes to many of the Hindu hating celebrities of India. The first one was Prakash Raj, the reel life villain, who attacked Modi government and in return lost his respect. Now the turn of losing his own respectable position is of senior Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah.

At first, Naseeruddin Shah attacked Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli just because he is aggressive on the cricket field. And later Shah started to sing the tune of intolerance that was composed 3 years ago saying that he fears his children because they will not have an answer if a mob surrounds them asks them are whether they are Hindu or Muslim.

This statement was slammed by each and every Indian who knew the reality of this nation. Forget others, Naseeruddin Shah was slammed by none other than his brother (first cousin) Rizwan Ahmed who said “My dear friend, allow me to be stone cold, be it Naseer or be it any intellectual or be it any clergy, they have nothing to do with the common Muslim. Be it the Muslim clergy or be it the Muslim intellectuals, they are a bunch of selfish, thankless chest beaters, and they remain chest beaters until they are pampered by the political dispensation, be it in Australia, be it in America or be it in India”.

He added “My brother Naseer, he was not afraid, he was not afraid and annoyed in 1992 riots, nor in 1993 bomb blasts. He was not afraid and annoyed on 26/11 that occurred in 2008, nor was he afraid in 2012, when 2 lakh Islamic radicals created riots on the streets of Mumbai, desecrating the Amar Jyoti killing 2 people. Why he was not annoyed when 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits were chucked out of their homeland?”.

He ended his attack on Naseeruddin Shah on Times Now saying “The only reason is the pampering. Till the Modi government is not pampering my intellectuals (attacking the left liberals here), my journalists, my clergy, we will continue to demean India in the eyes of the world”.

By making the above statement, Rizwan Ahmed exposed the hypocrisy of his brother Naseeruddin Shah who insulted the people of India who made him a star.

Source: Right Log

Hansika Raj