The only nation that has broken the backbone of Muslims! It’s not United States of America

China and Pakistan might seem to be in a friendly relation in front of the whole world but the world is aware what standards Pakistan has gained in the eyes of China. Well, China is the only country that has dared to openly oppose Islam and its religious practices. When rest of the nations has a shiver down their spines to oppose Islam and its unethical practices, China has come forward to take this step. China has openly banned the customs and practices of Islam.

Talking about India, here if a Muslim gets a light scratch in his body the secular brigade rise up and start screaming on top of their voice standing with the Muslim crowd. They start claiming the agenda that “Islam is a peaceful religion and they are innocent people”. And the same secular brigade can be seen nowhere when a Hindu is attacked by the same Islam group. These chameleons who take advantage of such situations to fulfil their selfish motives should learn lessons from China. It is rightly treating the Islam and its butchers.

China is neither afraid of anyone nor a friend to any of the nation. It is rightly said that China is a self-proclaimed nation and it cannot think good of any of the other nations.

China has shown Muslims what actually they deserve!!

China has openly declared how much it loves Pakistan. Let’s have a look at this love of China towards Islam:

1. China has banned “Burqas and Abnormal beards” in Muslim province of Xinjiang.  Burqas, veils and abnormal beards in a predominately Muslim province have been banned, in what it claims is a crackdown on religious extremism. The population of Uyghur Muslims is 45% whereas Chinese population is 40%.

2. Chinese authorities had ordered Muslims to hand over prayer mats and Qurans if not get ready to face harsh punishment. The announcements said that the people must hand over any prayer mats to the authorities as well as any religious reading matter, including anything with the Islamic moon and star symbol in it. Officials at Village Township and country level confiscated all Qurans and the special mats used for namaaz (prayer). Earlier in 2014, China had marked the start of Ramazan by restricting Civil servants, students and children in a mainly Muslim region from fasting. There was a serious ban on Muslims fasting during Ramazan.

3. China also restricts on naming the kids based on Islamic beliefs. According to the authorities, a total of 29 names have been banned in China. These names include Mohammad, Jihad and Islam etc. Among the number of names which have been banned include the names of several designations, places and political characters like Emam, Haj, Vahab, Madina etc.

4. One must be 18 years old in order to enter the masjid (mosque). And preaching of Islamic religious teachings in public places is banned and anyone found doing it will be immediately taken into custody by the China cops. Marriage as well as funeral also is not allowed to be practiced under the Islamic beliefs.

5. Under their mission the Chinese have demolished a total of 5000 of the mosques in China. And they had claimed that these mosques were being a medium for preaching illegal practices and training of terrorism. China government had undergone a “cleanliness mission” to complete this task. And interestingly, they built “markets and public toilets” over these demolished places. And the whole mission was undertaken by the People’s Republic army.

After analyzing all these factors above, I can confidently claim that out of the total of 195 countries in the world, China is the only country that can dare to ban Islamic practices and stand firm with its decision. One main reason to its success is that China’s every action against the Islam community is done in the presence of Army officials. And anyone who dares to oppose the decisions are taken into custody or shot dead. When it comes to the dignity of its nation China has no second thought in taking actions.

The riots happening in India regarding the ban on Triple Talaq and the other Islam related issues are creating havoc in our country. The ones conspiring against India, pelting stones at the army and the atomic bombers killing thousands of lives are begged for mercy. If China stood in the place of India it would have shot all those terrorists organizations and the ones standing in favour of them.

The world might be having a hearty laugh at us Indians. We secularist in India cannot find terrorism in “Islam” but we can find terrorism only in the “Saffron” colour!