National Herald Case! In a big blow to Congress, Delhi High Court gives Gandhi owned AJL 2 weeks notice to vacate the premises

In a major setback to Gandhi’s in National Herald Case the Delhi High Court has dismissed the petition filed by Associated Journal’s (AJL’s) Limited challenging the eviction order by the Centre on October 30 and has given 2 week notice to vacate the premises. The National Herald is the mouthpiece of the Congress and owned by the Associated Journals Limited (AJL), which in turn is owned by Nehru-Gandhi family.

The High Court has called acquisition of AJL by Young India “questionable”. It has said the purpose for which herald house was leased to AJL is now “practically lost”. The high court also said that the major portions of Herald House have been rented out. The High Court further said if AJL doesn’t vacate the Herald House voluntarily within two weeks proceedings under Public Premises Act will be initiated

On November 12, the same court had deferred the petition filed by AJL against the Centre’s decision to cancel its lease and vacate the Herald House by November 15 on grounds of violation of lease clauses.The order was issued by the Urban Development Ministry. The Counsel for Land and Development Office (LDO) had intimated that the department would “initiate proceedings” to have the premises vacated in the case but AJL did not hand it over.

The ‘Herald house’ building is situated in Delhi’s press enclave area and the land was reportedly allocated in the 1950s at a very nominal price to Congress and was allotted for installing a printing press to the Congress mouthpiece but it was not being used for the aforesaid purposes instead it was given out on rent to some other persons.

National Herald was also allocated lands at other locations like Lucknow, Patna, Mumbai and Panchkula too. But the land was not being used for the actual purposes. In August the respective state governments was too directed to investigate the land allocation and building usage details of National Herald in their cities.

Earlier the inspection team during investigation has found unauthorised construction in the building. The team has also found similar violations in other premises on this stretch and issued notices to the official allottees for their response.

Congress now cannot escape from the outcome of illegal works they have done. It is PM Modi’s era. From conducting raids at Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) headquarters in the midnight, locking horns with the Reserve Bank of India to challenging the other nations of world by taking “ India first” stance PM Modi Government will take any step whatever is needed for the betterment of the nation and punishing the corrupts


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