Navjot Singh Sidhu admits “It was not personal visit, Rahul Gandhi and Ahmad Patel arranged special flight to make sure I go to Pakistan”!

Just couple days, Navjot Singh Sidhu came under heavy fire for not just visiting Pakistan but for showing unusual bonhomie with the Pakistan Army chief and for posing a picture and sharing stage with a Khalistan terrorists who has been raging war against India.

Sidhu who visited Pakistan to attend the Kartarpur corridor event had created a major controversy after he posed with a Khalistan terrorists. He was questioned by everyone for showing utter disrespect to India and posing with terrorists. As soon as the controversy broke out, the Congress tried to distance itself saying that it had nothing to do with Sidhu visit and his trip to Pakistan was on personal capacity.

But now the Congress lies has fallen flat as Sidhu himself has admitted on camera that his visit was not personal but was arranged by Rahul Gandhi and Ahmad Patel to make sure that he visits Pakistan for the event.

An interview which was taken before Sidhu left to Pakistan shows that he was told to attend the event in Pakistan though he had not received any invite from Pakistan nor was a delegate representing the Punjab government. In the video, Sidhu goes on to say that a special flight was arranged for him by Rahul Gandhi from Madhya Pradesh where he was campaigning for elections and later taken to Amritsar, from where he went to Pakistan.

Take a look!

So, the entire Congress and especially Rahul Gandhi has played a huge gimmick by lying that it was Sidhu’s decision to go to Pakistan, where as the truth is, Rahul Gandhi had himself arranged a special flight to facilitate Sidhu to attend the event.

It can be well remembered that the Punjab CM also had said that it was Sidhu’s choice to visit Pakistan and he had nothing to do with it. But now the entire lie of Congress has been busted.

Now it is very clear that Rahul Gandhi is openly supporting Pakistan to attack PM Modi. It is also clear that why Sidhu took out the issue of Rafale deal on an enemy’s soil. It shows that it was directive from Rahul Gandhi who had most probably advised Sidhu to rack up the Rafale issue to embarrass the Modi government in Pakistan.

This entire plot was planned by Rahul Gandhi and Ahmad Patel who are now playing in the hands of Pakistan and have gone to the extent of supporting Khalistan terrorists openly. Rahul Gandhi now needs to answer the people of the country whether he is working with Pakistan and ISI to remove PM Modi in 2019 elections?

He owes an answer to the country as to why did he send Navjot Singh Sidhu to Pakistan although he was not the official representative of either Punjab government or the Central government.

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