Navjot Singh Sidhu minister by day, comedian by night?

Try searching for ‘shayari’ on Google & you’ll get an instant result ‘Thoko Bhai Thoko.’ The man, who has been seen as the face of humour in India, quit the BJP last year & decided to join ‘hands’ with the congress. Sidhu, for long had problems with the Badals in Punjab. He was unhappy with the way in which he was projected within the state.

Sidhu won on a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket from Amritsar in the 2004 Indian general elections. After resigning due to a court case against him, he stood again after the case was stayed. He won by a good majority. Since then he was elected again in 2009. In the 2014 elections Sidhu wasn’t allowed to contest from Amritsar. He had earlier stated that he was interested in contesting from only one place and that would always remain Amritsar. Senior Party leader Arun Jaitley had decided to contest from Amritsar in the 2014 national elections. Sidhu was not happy, but at that time he decided not to speak against it.

After being side-lined by the SAD (pun intended) Sidhu decided to quit the party. He resigned from his MP status in the upper house. There were speculations that Sidhu would join the AAP, a party which was ridiculed by him in the 2015 Delhi State Assembly Elections. However, it did not work out. Sidhu wanted to be the CM face in the state. After Plan A (AAP) & Plan B (BJP) failed he tried Plan C (Congress). This was also the first instance when Plan B preceded Plan A.

Sidhu succeeded and luckily the anti-incumbency didn’t go against him, as he had already switched ideologies (loyalties). Now, that captain Amrinder has become the Chief Minister (75th birthday gift from Waheguru Ji), Sidhu has decided to continue with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Sidhu’s humour quotient is way above his contemporaries & there is no second thought about that. After the Punjab election results were out, he said that this was just the beginning, for the congress party. It’s always good to hear such entertaining statements. With reports doing the rounds that Sidhu had already quit The Kapil Sharma show;it will be good to see him back on the show (Minister by day, Entertainer by night). With or without the hand, he’s one witty Sardar.

Alok Shetty