Naxalism will be eliminated in 3 years in the country says Home Ministry!

After decades of wait and anticipation, finally we have a government which has assured that they will eliminate the naxal menace in India. Home Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing troops of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) on the occasion of their 26th anniversary celebrations here, Singh said that they will be able to eliminate the naxal problem completely 3 years.

He also congratulated the Rapid Action Force and said their actions were quick and fierce but never reckless. Singh, speaking at the CRPF camp here, said districts affected by Naxal violence in the country have come down to about 10-12 as compared to 126 some time back. He said  the day is not far, may be in a time period of 1-2 or 3 years, that the LWE will be eliminated from the country and this would happen due to your (CRPF) determination, courage and hard work and that of the state police forces. “I congratulate you on the kind of work you have done in the LWE theatre of the country,” said the Home Minister.

It is indeed a happy moment for India, if the naxal problem is eliminated completely in India. The naxals who have become the biggest burden on internal security are being funded by many left parties who are using naxals for their political activities.

But since the Modi government took over, the naxal activity has been greatly clipped and their funding has been blocked in every way possible which has caused a great burden to these anti social elements. Recent report by the central government showed that the centre had removed 44 districts from the naxal dominance and declared them safe. Out of 92 places, 44 districts were now naxal free in three years.

Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba had said the geographical spread of the LWE violence has shrunk significantly in the last four years due to a multi-pronged strategy involving security and development-related measures.

“There is no influence or negligible presence of LWE in 44 districts and most of the Naxal violence is confined now only to 30 worst-affected districts.”

So, now we can be assured that India will be free of Naxal activities very soon with the serious efforts of our government and security forces.

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