Naya DinNayi Umeed….Shubhsuprabhat Bharatvasis

As Swami Vivekananda says -“Arise,Awake&Stop not til the Goal is reached.

Another day, Another sunshine in our lives with measures of rays of hopes.Let’s begin our day on a Positive note, postive thought Leading to Positive Actions.I would say Let’s be positive.
As Mahatma Gandhi says– Be the change yourself – Instead of pointing fingers @ Systemic changes, Let us Change our Attitudes .

For Example– When our PM Modiji started the campaign of Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan, he personally went to Mayur Vihar Road, A colony of New Delhi took the Broomstick started cleaning the Premises by himself, as the leader he ideated the process, took the initiative & implemented by himself. This is the way we have to bring Changes in our Lives .The results are there in front of us. There is an Awakening created among the Entire Nation.

Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock @ your doors rather work hard n find out various ways & means to Achieve it. Risktakers are definitely Risk Achievers in Life.Let’s own our Life & learn fm the mistakes committed in the past as Learning Experiences for the future.

As Chankya says “Ask yourself 3 questions –
1. What I’m going to do
2. Why iam doing this work
3.what will be the Consequences

Self-Introspection Leads to self– Realisation which will help you overcome all Challenges of Life.
The biggest challenge in Life to overcome is Fear- Being Fearless.
Karmaniye Vaadhikaraste Maa Faleshu Kadachan
Work Hard as Hard work pays Success.Says Lord Krishna

Jai Hind

Sukanya Iyer