Nayantara Sehgal, Nehru’s Niece & Award Wapsi Gang Leader Makes Outrageous Comment Against Hindus!

“It started with the takeover of our premier institutions, the dismissal of their directors and their replacement by RSS mouthpieces.”

“It has continued with the rewriting of history and the destruction of scientific temper by substituting mythology, fantasy and sheer nonsense for history and science. Suddenly Sardar Patel and Ambedkar have been adopted as RSS icons. Nehru, meanwhile, is being wiped out of history.”

These are the statements given by one of the (so called) eminent personalities of Indian litterateurs who has also been the proponent of ‘freedom of expression’ in our country, Ms. Nayantara Sehgal. She is the second daughter of Late Vijayalakshmi Pandit, the beloved sister of first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, showed her ‘intolerance’ towards the recent developments in India.

Her love for her maternal uncle is understandable. When the present government is emphasizing on other eminent personalities like Sardar Patel, Ambedkar etc. she finds a problem out of it. Because, heroic picture of her dynasty is somewhere shadowed by these figures. That is why she is not tolerating even Sardar Patel who was a good friend of Nehru and who strived hard in uniting India. This is a matter of proof that writers like Ms. Sehgal have given extra importance to Nehru and neglected others. In India, the history has been written with a bias towards Nehru family and other heros had been sidelined.

Ms. Sehgal further said, “Secularism is in danger. Hinduism itself is in danger, mocked and distorted by Hindutva. Let us make it clear: No Hindu Rashtra. Let that be our war cry.”

She only has to explain what secularism to her is! Is it appeasement of minorities? Or is it treating all religions equally! Moreover, the above statement shows her lack of clarity! The word Hind has its origin from River Sindhu and most of the Muslim countries are calling India as Hindustan only. But for pseudo secular Sehgal, anything other than Hindu is a secular aspect it seems.

“The dangers we face today come from the fact that this Government is destroying the meaning of India, and step by step, stealthily and openly, is converting our secular democratic republic into a Hindu Rashtra,” she said.

Well, just because the present government is breaking the back of dynasty politics in our country and the hegemony the Gandhi – Nehru family carried over the country, does that mean that the secular democratic republic is being converted? If the country is moving towards, Congress Mukt Bharat, does that mean that the meaning of India is being destroyed!?

Though she has been a propagator of ‘freedom of expression’ and has been fighting against ‘intolerance’, she appears to be one of the most intolerant persons in our country and who really doesn’t care about the freedom of expression of others but only herself and her followers.

However, I thank her for one thing. She has taken the lead in protecting the respect of Sahitya Akademi awards in our country by returning them through her movement of ‘Award Wapsi’. She didn’t deserve that award and hence gave it back herself!

It seems that Ms Nayantara Sehgal has got totally frustrated in her life and is scared that her artificially built fame may not last long as the government is going in right direction! So, in order to stay in news, she is doing all these drama!

Ms. Sehgal, here is a request for you. “Please take care of yourself”

Akshara Damle

You can reach author on Twitter @aksharadamle