NDTV founder may escape to Cape Town South Africa, said Subramanian Swamy! But do you know what the rattled NDTV founder did?

Dr Subramanian Swamy is truly a giant hunter and has a track record of decimating the dreams of several politicians who shred their tears when India’s enemies were killed. Perhaps, Sonia Gandhi may even curse Dr Swamy for not letting her become India’s Prime Minister.

Dr Swamy has also taken an oath to put Rahul Gandhi behind the bar by entangling him in legal proceedings. But now, Dr Swamy has placed the founder of India’s first 24-hour English news channel NDTV 24×7 as a top priority in his “hit list”.

Referring to Dr Swamy’s letters to PM Modi, the founder of NDTV said that Dr Swamy’s letters are a litany of falsehoods – aimed at muzzling and silencing NDTV with an underlying warning to all free and independent media in India – what is equally important is the damage to India that Mr Swamy and his loyalists are inflicting.

Prannoy Roy also said “At a time when you are seeking more Foreign Direct Investment for India, this sort of wild and baseless charge is damaging India’s reputation”. As as per Prannoy Roy, India’s FDI will get affected if case and investigation against NDTV takes places.

Issue a Look Out Notice against Prannoy Roy or else he may escape to Cape Town South Africa!

“I am asking ED and ITD through a letter to PM to issue a Look Out Notice against Pranay Roy. He may escape to Cape Town South Africa”.

This was the statement made by Dr Subramanian Swamy that rattled the founder of NDTV, Mr Prannoy Roy. In the mid 2017, the CBI searched the offices and homes of NDTV founder Prannoy Roy and said that “NDTV and ICICI entered into a criminal conspiracy to transfer ownership of a news company (NDTV) to a shell company, against banking rules, SEBI Act”.

What the rattled Prannoy Roy? What was his reaction?


Yes, this was the reaction of Prannoy Roy after Dr Swamy said to issue a Look Out Notice against Prannoy Roy as he may escape to Cape Town South Africa. Now the question was, why did he call Dr Swamy a liar?

If indeed Dr Swamy lied, then he could have filed a case in the court of law instead of fighting on twitter. This move of Prannoy Roy became a mockery on social media.

Mr Prannoy Roy, why can’t you file a defamation case if Dr Swamy is lying?

  • “Why don’t you sue, Dr Swamy? File a 5000 crore defamation case against him. You should also simultaneously keep begging of the PMO to come to your rescue just in case you lose the case as Swamy hardly loses”.

Mr Prannoy Roy, Dharma will always win!

“You layered money, thought your powerful contacts will protect you. Harassed a honest IT officer, Sanjay S, filed defamation against Madhu Kishwar. Now that you are cornered, screaming at others, Dharma always wins, allows adharma to its peak before bringing it down”.

Founder of NDTV, please prove in the court of law!

  • Prove it in the court. This time don’t cry and beg for pardon infront of the Prime Minister.

Hansika Raj


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