NDTV gave lecture on fake news about Arundhati Roy, Check how they twisted facts to save Congress!

Recently we saw how the mainstream media targeted postcard.news for exposing Arundati Roy. Shashi Taroor, Burkha Dutt, Ravish and many more said that postcard.news manufacture fake news. It was like Pakistan saying that India didn’t conduct surgical strike on 2016. Let our readers decide what the truth is. We are accountable to our readers and they know what kind of news are being posted in our website.

Recently Ravish Kumar, a journalist from NDTV tweeted that we manufacture fake news. Look who is speaking. Not even a day he posted about our website, NDTV -which even he is a part of-has started posting a series of fake news.

After the central govt. issued a ban on cow slaughter the Kerala youth congress brought a cow and butchered it in broad day light. Let me mind you, this is the same congress party which claims to be century old political party which fought for India’s independence. They showed cruelty against animals and must be booked for it.

Instead of condemning this heinous act, NDTV started to change the cow’s identity to buffalo and then to Ox. NDTV has created a medical miracle by converting a cow to buffalo. And later it again turns to an Ox.



Isn’t this a process of manufacturing a fake news to its readers? If truth is exposed then it is a fake news as per NDTV but it can turn a news to any extent so that the innocent Indians are smartly denied of knowing the truth.


The reason why NDTV did this was clear, to reduce public outrage against the slaughter as the public won’t show much outrage if it is a buffalo or an Ox. Really a great initiative from a fake news manufacturing factory.

Rajat Bhandary