NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tried to insult PM Modi and Vice-President Naidu!!! But read how it got backfired

President, Vice-President and Prime Minister of India are the most respected individuals and are closely interlinked. If there is no coordination between them, then the losers are Indians.

Recently, the Vice-President of India Mr Venkaiyya Naidu praised PM Modi’s historic moves and said that PM’s motto has been ‘Perform, Reform, Transform’. He further added ‘this Govt’s approach is to reach the last man in the queue’.

These words were enough to disrupt the peace of mind of NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan. She couldn’t resist herself from carrying out her age old habit of insulting and abusing India’s leaders. She launched a deadly tweet saying “Please someone remind him that he is the Vice President of India now, not the BJP”.

By saying this, she exhibited her illiteracy, which is found commonly in NDTV journalists. Yes, in a hurry to target PM Modi, she forgot that Mr Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and not of BJP. This was like a self goal and as expected, educated people spared some time to educate Nidhi Razdan.

Every news viewer had a common question and it was whether Nidhi Razdan is a journalist or a mouth piece of Congress party. A journalist needs to be neutral but Nidhi has a peculiar skill of attacking BJP and communalising every secular move.

Nowadays journalists know nothing other than reporting against demonetisation. The below tweet exposes their hypocrisy.

By using Nidhi Razdan’s logic, she should have targeted and insulted India’s previous President. But she didn’t do that because he was from Congress. Mr Pranab Mukherjee had praised PM Modi several times. Praising and criticising is a must in a democratic nation but these self proclaimed journalists are not ready to accept it.

The below tweet conveyed the message to her quite smartly!

Should India’s vice-President need the permission of NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan to say what he wishes to? Doesn’t India’s vice-President have freedom of expression?

“So according to you The Vice President cannot praise the Prime Minister for his work! I think I should pursue my career in Journalism as anyone can become one and call themselves a Journalist”. This statement was a tight slap on her face. Nowadays, journalists (Presstitutes) are trying to twist the news so that India’s enemies will be benefited.

The below tweet is a perfect example of sarcasm. Hope she gets sarcasm right!!!

Nidhi Razdan and her love towards fake news!!!

Her channel has a history of spreading fake news and months ago she came out in public saying “Tell me which fake news we ran? Come on, list the stories with evidence”.

Well, Indians are good in providing evidences and have a look at how terribly she was exposed for spreading fake news.

NDTV has produced many journalists who have exhibited their hypocrisy at regular intervals. The prominent among them are Ravish Kumar and Burkha Dutt. At present Burkha Dutt is not in NDTV however we cannot sideline her contribution towards damaging India’s image globally.

Former NDTV journalist who is presently with ‘India TV’ had revealed that NDTV had instructed its employees not to call any soldier as a martyr. Isn’t this a punishable offense? Isn’t this an insult done to our brave soldiers?

Vimarsh Kumar