NDTV journalist scores a massive self goal in a hurry to attack PM Modi! Here’s what she said to malign PM Modi and India

India and Pakistan have literally same ranking on press freedom. Pakistan has the military establishment to blame at. Whom do you hold responsible in India? This is the perfect example of how anyone can abuse PM Modi, RSS and Hindu culture and yet roam free without any free of being punished.

Genuine investigative journalists face threat from criminal elements, professional blackmailer journalists face threats, but AC Studio anchors and mediocre journalists like Nidhi Razdan and Rana face no threat whatsoever, only a few thousand people who watch NDTV know them and the publicity stunt they throw at the public.

News channels are set up to make money, neither the channels nor the journalists have any credibility which is why they do these mischievous stunts to garner sympathy and publicity. Here’s what the NDTV Journalist had to say outraging at PM Modi:

From Rana Ayyub to Ravish Kumar, death threats against journalists get more brazen in India. The world is watching

Rubbish. India is one of the most free countries in the world for journalists and you can write any rubbish and get away with it. Look how much hostility there has been against the BJP4India and PM Narendra Modi and how much trash dumped on them by the likes of nytimes and BBC !

That’s absolutely right we are suffering due to such so-called journalists living in our country. Words like honesty, National interest does not exist in their work ethics. It is said right for them, as they work against Donald Trump in US the similar work is done against PM Narendra Modi in India.

Government needs to enact a law to imprison these thieves for a year for spreading unsubstantiated post and fake news with no more than the trial period of 90 days. Citizens have the right not to be misled by them. All these journalists are working as per the script given by their masters. Now they are back of the agenda to get back into power in 2019, to do looting like they did before 2014. 

One more special feature of these journalists is that they do not even cover deaths of BJP or RSS volunteers who got murdered in Kerala and West Bengal. The world doesn’t watch then because u don’t report!

A few days back these guys from ‘Peaceful society’ released this video against Rohit Sadarna, but then it was only an element of fun for ‘intellectual class’, Glad they realized it is dangerous when the same thing happened with Ravish Kumar. This has nothing to do with the freedom of the press; it has everything to do with the loss of True Journalism in our Nation. It is all about the people who are been cheated.



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