NDTV journalist tried to troll PM Modi in a hurry to hide Congress’ secret meet with Pakistan!!! Do you know how she was ripped apart for her hypocrisy?

But when the attack was intensified by BJP and media, the Congress had no other option than confessing their heinous act

This is Kalyug and to defend a corrupt, several corrupts come forward. The same is happening in India where leaders who met Pakistani traitors are supported and defended. One such horrible attempt was made by NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan.

Initially, PM Modi was tagged as a liar for exposing Manmohan Singh, Manishankar Aiyar and other Congress leaders secret meet with Pakistani envoys. Congress had even made a press conference and shouted that this kind of meeting never took place. But when the attack was intensified by BJP and media, the Congress had no other option than confessing their heinous act.

In between all these dramas, the popular journalist among left liberals and seculars, Nidhi Razdan, made an absolutely bizarre statement to target PM Modi. The mistake was done by Congress leaders but as per her logic, PM Modi who showed the spine to expose them has suffered a severe blow.

“No matter what the outcome of this election is, the dignity of the PM’s office has suffered a severe blow. Sad”, said Nidhi. “So basically the Prime Minister of India has accused a former VP, a former PM, an ex-Army Chief, and former Indian envoys to Pakistan and other senior diplomats of conspiring against him in the Gujarat election”, this was her another statement.

With these 2 tweets, she proved that she has an impeccable talent of supporting the liars.

But she was ripped apart, but with logic and facts, by the Indians who were spellbound by the development model of PM Modi.

  • “You are wrong. Still, we respect Our PM Modi. Bcoz he is better than Congress politician. Modi will become PM again in 2019”. This was how a woman bashed Nidhi Razdan’s hypocrisy.


Hey Nidhi, Indians are with Modi and it is you who have suffered a huge blow!!!

  • “We don’t need such work which is accompanied with corruption, which weakens our image in the world arena, which compromises our national security! Anyway, people of India again & again showed their trust in BJP and they all can’t be fools”. This was how an Indian supported the development model of PM Modi.

NDTV and Congress intends to sell the nation, says a Twitterati

  • All of what NDTV or Congress does with partnership of Pakistan is supposed to be in closed room and not to be discussed. This is dignified way of selling the nation as per them. Shame Shame Nidhi Shame Shame
  • Ex Chief of Army , ex PM, ex VP meet Pakistan Ambassador at residence of Mani Shankar Aiyer who is on a video asking Pakistan to remove Modi in India. What Dignity are you talking about? Nidhi instead of being alarmed you question the expose. Shame on you.

Nidhi Razdan, didn’t you feel that PM’s office suffered a severe blow when series of scams were executed by Manmohan Singh’s government from 2002 to 2014?

  • Yes, Manmohan Singh who took orders from Sonia and turned a blind eye to all the scams that occurred under his watch really took the prestige of PM’s office to a higher level.

As NDTV is heading towards bankruptcy, does Congress pay something to Nidhi? The social media of Congress is, however, giving a dismal performance so it seems like Nidhi Razdan has considered it as her duty to attack and troll BJP without any facts.

  • “How much do u get Paid for this tweets … Does NDTV pay u salary or 10 Janpath or may b Sir G”, said a Twitterati.

Nidhi Razdan doesn’t have any right to speak on dignity because she has sacrificed the values of journalism in order to earn the tag presstitutes!!!

  • Of all the people Nidhi you are least qualified to talk about dignity. Your most of time spent in front of Camera is motivated and you have thrown journalism into garbage bin and then you have the courage to give Dignity http://Certificates.You make your self a laughing stalk.

When Rahul Gandhi tore the ordinance, where was your tweet on dignity, Nidhi Razdan?

  • And I guess, dignity of PM’s office when Manmohan Singh was the helm was at the highest when Rahul Gandhi tore the copy of an ordinance passed by Union Cabinet in a Press Conference.

Nidhi Razdan, do you think the dignity was at the helm when India had to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of China due to Nehru’s poor planning? What’s your take Bofors scam? What’s your take on ‘Neech Aadmi’, ‘Mauth Ki Saudhagar”?

  • PM’s office stature has been depleted during Nehru,Indira,Rajiv and “MaunMohan” Singh’s tenure led by Sonia Gandhi.
    But now it has regained it’s glory and touching new heights everyday under the dynamic leadership of Modi ji.

Hansika Raj