Is NDTV Ravish Kumar’s brother Brijesh Pandey threatening the girl who exposed his involvement in SEX RACKET?

Most of the people who sit in TV studios and question others about corruption and scams have probably lost the morality to do so. The lutyens journalist today have become nothing more than PR agents of corrupt political parties and spend most time protecting the real issues and spread fake news maligning India.

Just few months back, a major sex scandal in Bihar was exposed in which NDTV anchorer Ravish Kumar’s brother was found to be directly involved. A women from Bihar had filed a complaint alleging several Congress leaders, industrialist and media people of harassing her and running a sex racket. The crimes included, rape, sex racket and harassment of women.

The lady who filed the complaint was none other than the daughter of a Congress leader in Bihar belonging to a dalit community. She filed complaint against 2 people, that is, Brajesh Kumar Pandey, the former Vice President of Bihar Congress and the brother of top NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar and Nikhil Priyadarshi, a top Bihar businessman and industrialist. The complaint said that the Nikhil Priyadarshi was the main person who was running sex racket and Brajesh Pandey was helping him in the business.

The lady in the complaint said that Brijesh Pandey and Nikhil Priyadarshi were running sex rackets for some influential people in politics and was sexually exploited many girls including herself. But after police filed the case, both Birjesh and Nikhil absconded. Although few days later Nikhil was arrested, Brijesh is still on the run.

But now a major development has been reported in which both Brijesh Pandey and Nikhil are trying to influence the probe and pressurizing the girl to withdraw the case. It is said that many influential people names are involved in the sex racket and it was a massive business where politicians were involved. Nikhil has also confessed during investigation to CID that he has MMS clips of many politicians involved in sex racket.

But now the case is all set to be withdrawn due to severe pressure on the victim. Initially the girl had refused to marry the accused and settle the case. She said she wanted justice and expose all those involved in the sex racket. But now the entire scenario has changed as the girl accepted to marry Nikhil Priyadarshi suddenly and is ready to settle the case.

But the important issue to be noted here is, the case is not just a sexual harassment of an individual, but is a big sex racket business which is being run with the help of several politicians, industrialists and media. There are hundreds of girls who have been caught in the web of human trafficking and it is important that the investigation is proceeded to expose the criminals. But not one media is helping the girl since it involves the brother of NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar.

These lutyens media who waste no time to expose sex scandals of others, have not reported this news even once. Ravish Kumar who gives advises to people has not questioned his brother once. He who was very happy to telecast the Kanhaiya Kumar’s bizarre speech accusing Indian army of raping women cannot speak about his own brother.

These media giants are protecting criminals and corrupts in the society to secure their place and get all benefits. They have no moral rights to even call themselves journalists!!!

Source: https://www.pgurus.com/bihar-sex-scandal-brother-ndtv-journo/

Aishwarya S