NDTV reported fake news saying, UP Police jailed Donkeys for 4 days!!! But the UP Police royally punctured NDTV’s claims

Time and again, NDTV has proved that no one can equate their standards of journalism. From fuming communal hatred to leaking Defence secrets, NDTV has made its own mark in the field of journalism. Now, it has made a mockery of itself by airing an absolutely hilarious content which is far away from reality.

The creative wing of NDTV that creates fictional stories manufactured a segment named “Donkeys Jailed For 4 Days In Uttar Pradesh. Crime? Ate Expensive Plants”.

The anchor read out the scripted story saying the Donkeys were taken to police custody and were released after 4 days. She also understood the feelings of the Donkeys. Yes, she added that the donkeys were apparently happy after their release. Probably, NDTV’s legal wing was behind their release.

UP Police rubbished NDTV’s claims and advised NDTV to check facts next time!!!

If the Uttar Pradesh police hadn’t intervened, then there was every chance that CM Yogi would have been dragged into this matter. Hours later, even PM Modi would have been hounded by asking “Is This Acche Din?”

But this one tweet from UP Police punctured the claims of NDTV!!!

“Dear NDTV UP Police has nothing to do with their arrest or custody. We request you to check your facts with us next time”. This is what the UP Police had to advise NDTV that ignored fact-checking before airing a report.

Did NDTV apologize? No, instead it tried to troll UP Police, but it backfired!

Elders have taught that when we commit mistakes (unknowingly), we must apologize. When UP Police themselves clarified that the report was factually incorrect, NDTV must have apologized unconditionally. But they opted to play out some other trick.

Read what the Managing Editor of NDTV, Suparna Singh, had to say after their lies were caught. She said “Dear UP Police, our story does not mention you. Request you to come please read the story next time”.

This statement was really pathetic because in the headline itself NDTV has mentioned that this took place in Uttar Pradesh. A twitterati pointed out her hypocrisy in public. “What is this director trying to say?? The headline say the donkeys were jailed. How can anybody be jailed in UP without the involvement of UP police? And BTW, who cares to actually read full NDTV articles anyway”, he said.


NDTV is known for rumour and hate mongering. Next time, it may even run a primetime show with the help of those donkeys in order to degrade the Yogi ruled Uttar Pradesh government.

NDTV would love to get jailed instead of checking facts. This is how the logical citizen of India expressed his view.

Why don’t you (UP Police) arrest the donkeys who scripted this lunatic report? A Twitterati urged the UP Police to arrest the journalists responsible for this.

Hansika Raj