NDTV’s award winning Journalist manufactures the biggest fake news of the year and gets caught! Do you know what he did to target Modi govt?

Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather was exposed of snooping on Netaji Bose and his family members for decades. Today, Rahul Gandhi has made the soul of Jawaharlal Nehru proud by stealing the private information of crores of Indians.

After evidence proved that Cambridge Analytica was involved in data theft, “Will the Congress now depend on data manipulation and theft to woo voters”, questioned Union Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad. Reports even emerged saying that the Congress has gone through a round of talk with Cambridge Analytica’s top officials.

So, at a time when Congress is totally on the back foot and is unable to counter the hard evidence, the award winning journalist of NDTV came to the rescue of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party. He posted two screenshots and announced that BJP needs to speak up on the Cambridge Analytica’s “data theft” as the BJP took help of the firm in the 4 elections.

  • Here are screenshots of LinkedIn page of Director of Cambridge Analytica’s Indian arm, saying “managed 4 elections successfully for BJP”, “helped achieve mission 272.” BJP, response please?

In the tweet, NDTV journalist posted two screenshots of “Director, Ovleno Business intelligence Pvt ltd”, from

But when you look at the second screenshot, doubts emerges because, he failed to show the identity of the profile. It looks like a deliberate attempt just to link a fake description to the first screenshot. Few even argued that the second screenshot was taken from an email and was not from Ovleno’s director’s profile.

The second screenshot attached by Mr Jain said “Managed 4 election campaigns successfully for the ruling party BJP. Achieve target of Mission 272+ by managing Call Centre Management project- Profiling of each and every volunteer/supporter who had extended his/her support to get in our Mission 272+ just by giving missed call, sms, or whatsapp to our single nationwide toll free number “078200 78200”- Confidentially maintaining the database- Database to be provided constituency wise to BJP candaidate as an additional support for national elections and state elections of Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Delhi”.

But when Postcard News checked the LinkdedIn Profile of Director of Ovleno, the information provided was completely different to that of Mr Jain’s.

In the above picture, nowhere its mentioned that the firm helped the BJP in winning various elections. Moreover, the descriptions mentioned in the 2nd screenshot tweeted by Mr Jain is laughable because of the type of language and fonts used. Will anyone describe their firm so lethargically? It seems like Mr Jain hurried typed the description (found in 2nd screenshot) in order to save Rahul Gandhi.

NDTV’s Jain exposed of defending Congress over data robbing!

Even though a bunch of evidence has nailed the data theft done by Congress, Mr Jain felt it necessary to shift the blame on BJP, like how the channel NDTV always did. Surprisingly, Jain has not even posed a single question to Rahul Gandhi’s Congress.

Mr Jain is a master of clubbing, slams a Twitterati

  • You seemed to have clubbed different pages from different sources? Did you pull this yourself? If you got this from someone, did you fact check? Do correct me if i am missing something. Here is the screenshot of the entire profile.

Fake news is NDTV’s secret sauce!

  • Mr Jain, screenshot 2 is an email. You think anyone will miss the control buttons on top of the pic? You clubbed 2 pictures together and created a “Fake News”. But hey, that is NDTV’s secret sauce.

Hansika Raj