NDTV’s Ravish Kumar has crossed all level of decency!!! Do you know what he said about PM Modi’s wife Jashodaben?

The principles of politics are slowly fading and for this, few mainstream media are solely responsible. NDTV’s contribution cannot be sidelined in this, because from Burkha Dutt to Prannoy Roy, used the free speech in India, but against India. NDTV is popular for twisting facts and reporting fake news. Now, Ravish Kumar has crossed all his limits to express his hatred against PM Modi.

Ravish Kumar, even though he is a journalist, has changed his profession into a full-time Modi hater. His every single vein is filled with hate against Modi to the extent that he couldn’t stop dragging PM Modi’s wife, just to justify his bizarre analysis.

Ravish’s brother ran a sex racket but look how he dragged Srimathi Jashodaben’s name in it!!!

This man had posted his own analysis regarding the hike in petrol price. He tried to justify the hike in petrol prices during the UPA tenure. His logic less explanation was getting thumbs-up from his fans too, who took pleasure in insulting PM Modi and his followers by branding as “Bhakts”.

One of the user asked Ravish Kumar’s opinion about his brother’s involvement in a sex racket. It should be noted that his brother Brajesh Kumar Pandey was also a senior leader of the Congress party. This was enough to raise the blood of the Ravish Kumar.

Till now, Ravish had rights to question everyone but if someone asks the wrong doings of his own family then look at his reply.

Ravish Kumar responds “whether Jashodaben is responsible for the price hike”. Now what is the link between petrol price hike and PM Modi’s wife?

Now can anyone say how PM Modi’s wife is connected to the price hike issue? Rahul Gandhi’s father was involved in Bofors scam but Ravish didn’t even open his mouth regarding it. What is further disgusting is that such a cheap comment was able to garner nearly 600 likes.

Why no liberals are condemning this abuser?

This man, who is a serial offender, enjoys the self proclaimed liberals and seculars support. Ravish is also an expert in spreading fake news but still he is called a reputed journalist. Ravish Kumar’s channel had previously comprised with national security during Pathankot attack and now is involved in publicly talking unwanted stuffs about woman.

He has taken enough credit in tarnishing the image of India during the intolerance debate and mob lynching. Ravish’s NDTV is pro-Congress channel since its inception. Now the channel is against BJP as Modi is ruling at the centre. NDTV praised Kanhaiyya Kumar who wanted to divide India. Till date, in the name of “freedom of expression”, he was attacking the government and Hindu organisations. But now, he has targeted a woman.

Can we expect an outrage against this?

Nishika Ram