NDTV’s Ravish Kumar is completely exposed of his hypocrisy!!! Do you know what are the revelations made by his ex-colleague

Ravish Kumar has scored a massive self goal by writing an open letter to PM Modi. The open was more like a marketing tactic to promote himself and a “so called fake news exposer”. In the letter, he had tried to play a victim card as he had to face the wrath of PM Modi followers.

But his drama couldn’t last long as his hypocrisy was exposed by his ex-colleague, Sushant Sinha, a journalist currently with India News TV channel. He was previously working with TV channels like NDTV, News24 and Live India.

Can you believe this? Ravish Kumar wrote an ‘open letter’ to his deceased father

Sushant Sinha said that he had intended to write an open letter to Ravish Kumar but stopped doing it due to one or other reason. Sushant also said that his trust on open letter had vanished especially after Ravish’s open letter to his deceased father that went viral on social media.

Sushant couldn’t understand the reason behind that particular open letter because it was more like praising himself rather than expressing his emotion to his deceased father. Sushant even exposed how Ravish was boasting about his achievements by saying that people request him for photographs in airports and so on.

What kind of disease is Ravish suffering from? Why doesn’t he undergo for a treatment?

Sushant Sinha, who was reluctant for open letters said that looking at Ravish Kumar’s open letter to PM Modi, he made up his mind to write it. Sushant also advised Ravish Kumar to undergo a treatment as he was suffering from a disease and also urged not to take his open letter in a bad taste.

What is the first disease Ravish is suffering from?

Ravish Kumar expressed fear of losing his job but even if he loses his job, there is no need to worry as his salary is around Rs 8 lakhs per month. Ravish had expressed fear of falling on street after losing his job but Sushant Sinha exposed that it is not possible as Ravish’s wife is also working. Even if his wife losses her job, then the money that is deposited in the bank will prevent them from falling on the street.

Sushant further exposed that Ravish Kumar pretends to be a fighter for the rights of poor but in real life he is not the same. When several people were sacked from NDTV who worked for meagre salary, where was Ravish Kumar’s revolutionary journalism? Why didn’t he fight on behalf of his colleagues who got sacked?

Disease No 2!!! Ravish Kumar has split personality, here is the proof!!!

Ravish Kumar said that he can’t stop himself from raising questions and fighting against injustice but the same Ravish Kumar fails/fears to question his boss even after reports emerged that owner of NDTV was involved in illegal activities.

Once the managing editor issued a diktat that “NDTV won’t project a death of soldier as martyrdom instead it will report as a soldier is killed”. Sadly, the so called fighter Ravish Kumar didn’t raise his voice against this foolish and anti-national order.

This proves that Ravish Kumar has split personality.

Disease No 3!!! Ravish Kumar is in the state of illusion by giving too much importance to himself

Ravish Kumar once said that he should be shown on screen more than Amitabh Bachchan as people like to see him more than Mr Bachchan. This was said after he had taken an interview with veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Ravish is trying to hype his publicity by projecting that this fight is between Modi V/S Ravish. But Sushant advised him to consult a doctor as he is mentally ill.

At last Sushant Sinha also urged Ravish not to respond to his open letter as Ravish is not in a good state of mind. This proves that Ravish is trying to enhance his publicity by projecting that PM Modi and his followers are targeting him. But in reality, those are not even bothered about him.

Hansika Raj


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