NDTV’s Sonia Singh and CM Mamata Banerjee said they do not know Ramnath Kovind, but check how their lies were caught!

 After the NDA announced their presidential candidate, the entire opposition have lost the plot. Just couple weeks back, the opposition met in Tamil Nadu for DMK Chief Karunannidhi’s birthday celebrations and posed as though they were single soul.But the master strategy of Modi-Shah has completely tore the opposition into pieces which has made them go into hiding.

What is more funny is, if there is anyone who is more upset than Congress, it is the media and especially NDTV. Many journalists have been trying to already malign the Presidential nominee and comparing him with Pratibha Patil. But these people have no idea or knowledge about Ramnath Kovind. Sonia Singh of NDTV made a irresponsible comment against Ramnath Kovind saying he is unknown to the world and tried to influence people that he was bad choice.

Vivek Agnihotri caught her red handed posting this picture

Just one and half year back it was the same Ramnath Kovind who had given oath to Nitish Kumar when he won the Bihar elections in 2015. See who were on the dias along with Nitish Kumar. So Has Mamata Banerjee already forgotten the Bihar governor? or is she pretending to have forgotten?!

Sonia Singh and Mamata Banerjee just like all their other Pseudo secular friends are shocked to the core and are not finding a solid reason to oppose him. So they have jumped to the same old rhetoric and cheap tactics.

It is indeed shameful when a journalist accepts that they have no idea about a governor of a state. The most appropriate thing to do is to atleast read about his/her background. Well cannot blame the present journalists as India as lost quality journalism long back and what we see today are just people with BIG mouths and Small brains!!!

Aishwarya S