Nearly 3 months after Sridevi’s death, shocking information emerge about her death Mystery which no one ever revealed!

The Sridevi death mystery had sparked a huge controversy which literally shook the Bollywood. After Sunanda Pushkar’s death, Sridevi death showed the ugly face of politics and Bollywood which proved that ladies were definitely not safe in the elite society.

Though the incident was almost completely buried by most powerful lobbies there were some issues which remained unsolved.

Although few people like Subramanian Swamy raised a lot of issues regarding Sridevi’s death, not many media channels or investigation agencies took the case seriously. The Supreme court put the case to rest few months back stating no evidence to claim it was a murder or unnatural death. Within days after her death, it was declared that there was no foul play in her death.

But now an article published in a paper regarding Sridevi’s death has brought back all controversies. It was very well known that Sridevi had insured Rs 240 crore in her name which would go to her husband after her death.

But filmmaker Sunil Singh through his lawyer Vikas Singh has made a startling claim about the insurance stating that the insurance was made in Oman and it had a very strange clause that the amount will be given to the husband only if Sridevi dies in UAE.

This strange clause has been now revealed by Sunil Singh which has surprised and shocked everyone.
According to reports, it is said that Sridevi was drunk and that was the reason she fell into the bathtub and drowned.

But as per her friends and family members, Sridevi never took Hot drinks and she was very health conscious. This statement was even supported by her very close family friend Amar Singh.

However, these issues never got any importance and Sridevi’s death mystery was completely buried without investigation.

It is indeed a sad state that one of the country’s top most actor who stormed the nation with her unique acting did not receive justice in her death. These incidents only show how the lives of Bollywood actress is not as colourful as depicted in the movies. Rather it is filled more with sorrows and agony which they can never share or reveal to others and keep buried within until their death.

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