Why Did Nehru Make Dr.B R Ambedkar Resign From Law Ministry???

Vote Bank Politics is their forte! Vulture Politics is their Seasonal Venture. Minority appeasement is their priority. Dalit votes are their birth right. But Hindus are their enemies! This complex caste-based politics of Congress has brought this oldest political party on the threshold of getting extinct. But learn they will not!

With more than 20% of Indian Population, Dalits comprise of sizable vote-bank. Hence Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is made to attend the funerals of dalits under Vulture Politics Mission. With any opportune death of a Dalit, Congress party tries to convict BJP as anti-Dalit. But neither Muslims nor Dalits play suckers to their gimmicks. And if anything, the shrinking size of the party is the proof!

PM Modi is highly inspired by the works and visions of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Recently he launched a Village Self Governance Campaign at Babasaheb’s birthplace Mhaw. PM Modi also laid the foundation stone for Ambedkar National Memorial at 26, Alipur Road in Delhi which was the last home of Dr Ambedkar.

Congress Party, the self-acclaimed Messiah of Dalits, is squirming uneasily by PM Modi’s attention to the Icon of Dalits , Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. During their regime of 60 years, Congress never ever gave Dr Ambedkar his due by keeping his legacy alive. All his visionary writings have been kept hidden from public. It has been the grievance of Dr Ambedkar’s grandson, Prakash Ambedkar that none of the books on Ambedkar’s writings was published by Congress in sixty years.

Today, Congress tries to cash on Babasaheb Ambedkar’s popularity. But during the political career of Babasaheb Ambedkar, Congress treated him extremely inappropriately. As stated by Ambedkar himself in during his Constituent Assembly address in November, 1949, Nehru wanted him out of Constituent Assembly. Due to Mahatma Gandhi’s intervention, Nehru had to make concessions to Ambedkar’s presence in the Constituent Assembly.

A few months back, The Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind revealed that the reason behind Dr Ambedkar’s resignation was none other than Jawaharlal Nehru himself. Mr Kovind was addressing students at Gujarat National Law University at Gandhinagar during a seminar when he elaborated on the reason behind Dr Ambedkar’s resignation as a Law Minister from Nehru’s Cabinet.

Dr Ambedkar’s Resignation Letter dated Sepetamber 27th, 1951 is a detailed write-up of the injustice inflicted upon him by Nehru and Congress Party. Dr Ambedkar wanted Nehru to introduce ‘Hindu Code Bill’. But Nehru was not in favor of reforming Hinduism and turned his back on it. The Hindu Code Bill of Dr Ambedkar was visionary and modern. He felt it the duty of elected members to create awareness in the newly independent country through Law. His sole aim to enter politics was to uplift people of India. He believed that if the ills present in the society are removed, the country will progress on its own. But Nehru off-handedly turned down the ‘Hindu Code Bill’ by Ambedkar saying that the Nation was not ready for his modern thoughts on the issue of giving rights to Hindu girls in family property.

Dr Ambedkar clearly stated in his resignation letter that his personal equation with then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was hostile. Dr Ambedkar was in disagreement with Nehru’s Foreign Policy that turned every friendly Nation in the world as our enemy. We became friendless in just four years span.  Dr Ambedkar also objected to Nenru’s policy towards Pakistan as self-defeating. History is the proof of Nehru’s POK blunder. He also raised his voice for focusing on East Bengal for the alarming situations of unrest. His fore sightedness was ignored with cold shoulder by Nehru Government.  In the wake of the drastically collapsed demography of Hindus in Bangladesh in present times, one might wish Dr Ambedkar’s prophecy was paid heed to by Nehru Government.

There was a lack of trust on Nehru’s part that led to the deprivation of plum posts, projects and portfolios for Dr Ambedkar. So much so that Dr Ambedkar was even kept out of Economics Affairs Committee though he was a learned in the branch of Economics and Finance. The ill treatment by Nehru and Congress was getting unbearable for Dr Ambedkar. At last, Ambedkar lost hopes and resigned.

Thus, The genius Architect of Indian Constitution was humiliated and disposed of by someone who has marked Indian History with his epic political blunders. Today when Modi Government is honoring the forgotten heroes of India, Congress Party has no moral right to brag about the twisted historical facts. Indians are no fools!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi**