Neither Pakistan nor China, but Rahul Gandhi justifies the victory of British over Indian kings


Who said Britishers are quit India decades ago? We can still see the ideologies, mentality, cruelty of British running in the blood of several people who still possess Indias citizenship. Fresh example is how Rahul

“A central pillar of the RSS/BJP’s fascist vision for India is that Dalits should remain at the bottom of Indian society. Una, Rohith Vemula and now Bhima-Koregaon are potent symbols of the resistance“, this was how Rahul Gandhi poured kerosine to the riots that were prevailing in various parts of Maharashtra.

What is  Battle of Koregaon (aka Koregaon-Bhima battle, or Bhima-Koregaon battle)?

The “Battle of Koregaon” is celebrating its 200th anniversary where the Peshwas (I want to stress that these were Indians) was defeated by the Britishers. As the historians and the British wanted to break the unity of Indians, the victory of the British on January 1, 1818 was projected as the victory of the Dalits who were in the British Army in that particular war.

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We cannot call it as a victory of Dalits over the upper caste just because of the fact that British had Dalit soldiers. If MS Dhoni hits a six against a Pakistani bowler, can we call it as a victory for Hindus against Muslims? Sounds lunatic, isn’t it? Same is the argument of Rahul Gandhi and few other pseudo-historians.

Riots at the Koregaon-Bhima battle anniversary event. Photo: Mangesh Ambre

How Rahul Gandhi praised the British?

Rahul Gandhi called the violence in Maharashtra as a symbol of resistance. How can he call the violence as resistance? When Hindu activists try to save their Hindu sister from the trap of “Love Jihad”, a small amount of scuffle do happen, This will be tagged as “Hindu terror”, by Congress and allies but why can’t it be called as resistance?

So Rahul Gandhi is happy with the celebration of British victory in the Indian soil even after 70 years of Independence. What can be more pathetic than this?

How Rahul Gandhi insulted the Dalits of India?

Today, Dalits are respected like never before in India and the proof for this is Mr Ram Nath Kovind is honoured with the Presidential post. Mr Kovind was even nominated but the BJP or RSS think tanks while the Congress and allies insulted him by saying that they never heard the name of Ram Nath Kovind as he is a low-profile person. Now, who is insulting the Dalits? Indians have dumped the caste politics long back and they will give a befitting reply to the forces that are aiming to break the unity of Hinduism in the name of caste-based politics.

Will Rahul Gandhi answer to this question?

“Rohit Vemula suicide due to personal reason and you blaming BJP for that. What a hypocrite you are? If you think, by using false stories and shoot and scoot you can win public hearts, then you are in a misconception”, said a Twitterati.

Terror sympathisers hired to provoke a section of Hindusim?

“Instead Of Criticising Bhima Koregaon Violence, Rahul Gandhi Justifies It Calling It A “Resistance”. Why Your Pidi Leaders Jignesh Mevani And Anti National Omar Khalid Were Celebrating Britishers Victory Over Peshwa? Who Is Funding Them To Divide Us On Dalit-Non-Dalits? Shame On You”.

Ananya Sharma