Neither IT raids nor CBI! This is how PM Modi will finish off the political career of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

The top guns of BJP have diverted their entire attention on Karnataka with only one intention and that is to dethrone the largest state ruled by Congress i.e. Karnataka. Not just Amit Shah but even the Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal met former Prime Minister Deve Gowda at his residence. This hinted that BJP is already out on a full-fledged campaign to grab clinch Karnataka from Congress.

After establishing a firm saffron rule in 19 states, BJP is now focusing on Karnataka. Here, BJP can uproot the Congress by only formulating a master plan that can severely damage the Congress leaders including CM Siddaramaiah because the Congress party have already created a rift in Hinduism by playing the decade-old trick of creating a rivalry between various castes of Hinduism.

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Neither IT raids nor CBI, here is the master stroke on PM Modi!

The Congress culture was to destroy its political opponents by entangling them in fake cases and by hounding them day and night using the media. Various BJP leaders including PM Modi and Amit Shah were the victims of this dirty trick.

Now PM Modi has formulated a strategy that will totally demolish the image of CM Siddaramaiah, but he won’t use media, central investigation agencies or income tax department. The plan of PM Modi is to file “charge sheet” against the Chief Minister of Karnataka which will gradually help in diminishing his image in the eyes of the public.

Karnataka has seen a massive increase in the attacks on the Hindus. Along with this, the communal violence also had seen an increase in the Siddaramaiah led Congress government. Now, the Modi government has decided to corner the Congress government with the help of  “charge sheet”.

When will the charge sheet be ready?

The charge sheet to corner the Congress government will be ready by January 15th but it will be released on January 28 during the “Parivarthana Rally”. BJP President Amit Shah had paid a couple of visits to Karnataka and had lashed out at Karnataka BJP leaders for not effectively cornering the scams of the Congress party. So, it can be expected that BJP will list out all the scams and expose it in front of the people that was missed previously.

How will the series of murders of BJP/RSS workers prove fatal to the Congress party?

When an attack is made on a person who carries out “Love Jihad” and “cow-smuggling”, all the pseudo-human right activists and seculars come out on streets targetting the Modi government. But when series of Hindus are butchered on Karnataka, none of these organisations came out in support.

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Apart from the protests of BJP leaders, the Hindus didn’t even gain condolences from the Congress government. This has enraged crores of Hindus of Karnataka, that’s why Modi government has decided to corner the CM Siddaramaiah led Congress government.

Not just Hindus but even several rationalists and journalists were murdered in the Karnataka state. It has been over two years since rationalist M.M. Kalburgi was murdered by unknown persons outside his home in Dharwad, Karnataka. Even activist and senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered on 5 September 2017 outside her home in Bengaluru. Apart from blaming it on right-wing activists, the Congress government made no progress in the case.

The state agriculture department announced that as many as 3,515 farmers in Karnataka committed suicide between April 2013 and November 2017. The Karnataka government embraced an eye-washer technique by announcing a farm loan waiver worth Rs8,165 crore in June. But later it was revealed by the farmer organisations that they never received any such benefits. So, the backbone of the nation was left to die.

Hansika Raj


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