Nervous Congress Makes BIGGEST U-TURN on Bharat Bandh!

First they said they support demonetization, then changed their mind realizing the impact of losing Black money, spoke against Prime Minister, called him dictatorial. Then they used people’s name to spread panic, when nothing worked they said BJP already knew about demonetization, then changed their stand and said Modi doesn’t trust his own party people and had not informed anyone.

Congress started new Drama last week announcing their support to BHARAT BANDH called by Mamata Banerjee and Kejriwal. But somehow they realized that public have been showing huge support to Modi’s black money hunt and none of their trick and treats are working.

Yesterday, the Congress suddenly made a big U TURN saying that the Congress never called or supported the Bandh, but only said they will hold rallies and protest March against the Modi government. This is more like Kejriwal’s tradition who is well known for his U Turns every now and then!

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said that Modi has announced demonetization only to cover his failures and it has no impact on curbing black money. He also said Modi likes DHAMAKA politics and the decision to scrap high denomination notes was taken just because Modi saw some wall writings in Uttar Pradesh. He added that Modi doesn’t know how to bring back black money stacked abroad.

Jairam Ramesh for a question whether they will hold a discussion on demonetization, said they will only have discussion if Prime Minister Participates in it. He also made a stupid comment on Modi’s call for cashless society saying it was impractical and majority of Indians use cash for transaction and this electronic and digital system cannot work in India and needs long time to get implemented.

The words sound nothing more than mere desperation of losing their HARD LOOTED BLACK MONEY and also losing popularity and relevance of the Party.

When Jairam Ramesh was asked whether the opposition itself was divided on the issue of demonetization, quoting Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s statement that he will not support Bharat Bandh and stands with Modi’s decision, Mr. Ramesh said that Nitish may not support but Sharad Yadav is supporting the protest against demonetization.

Aishwarya S


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