I never want to work with Bollywood Khans: Kangana Ranaut!

Generally in Bollywood, we see most people would turn into ‘yes man’ for Khans and top directors and producers. Nobody would openly revolt against the big shots in Bollywood fearing of backlash and getting sidelined in the industry.

But Kangana Ranaut seems not to care for Bollywood mafia and has directly spoken against them. She should definitely be applauded for her bravery. Kangana stands out in the world where Khans are said to rule!

Just few days back, we saw how Kangana slammed Karan Johar is his own show and said “he runs a movie mafia and he is the Flag bearer of Nepotism.” She further said that he was one person who is completely intolerant to outsiders. Although Karan Johar did not react much to her statements initially, later he proved to be intolerant and slammed Kangana for saying he encouraged Nepotism. He went to the extent of saying if she did not like Bollywood, she should get out of industry. He is the same man who gave big lecture about Intolerance in 2015.

Kangana again hit out at Karan Johar saying that Bollywood was not his father’s property to tell her to get out!

Now Kangana has dropped another bomb in Bollywood saying that she will never work with Khans! In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand, she openly said that she would never want to work with any of the three Khans – Salman, Aamir or SRK.

She made a bold statement saying “In fact, there is no longevity with working with Khans. It’s the other way around. Where would it take me? Can it take me a notch higher than where I already am? It cannot! What can it give me that I have already not achieved? I can’t see a single thing…if you can tell me.”

She believes that working with Khans will only make them famous and will not bring any growth to her career…which is indeed true!

She says, “When I have done and am working on films that give me the possibility of building a brand of my own individually, it will be very stupid of me to go and stand behind someone else and try and en-cash their popularity.”

She is absolutely correct is saying so, as she got name and fame on her own and did not require any Khans help. She is a National award winner and has carved her own destiny and has been highly successful in Bollywood.

“Until Queen, I was very open to working the Khans. After Tanu Weds Manu, I realised that if in a film, I am not the hero, it will disappoint everyone”...says Kangana

Her brave act needs big applause, since she showed the spine to speak up against those people who have turned Bollywood industry into a mafia and have sidelined people who do not have D-gang support. Her open revolt against the mafia is a good precedent she has set in Bollywood and the D-gang must realise that they are not the rulers of Bollywood!

Aishwarya S


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