New Pak Army Chief Gen.Bajwa Made Hero Massiah of Pakistan, Thanks to Indian Media .

Thank You Indian main stream media for making Pak army chief hero in Pakistan on day one of his appointment to top post in Pak army by linking Nagrota and Samba attack to his oath.

It was your praises of Raheel Sheriff for his operation Zarab-e-Azab that made Raheel Sheriff hero and created his image as anti terror chief but what happened during his tenure is not hidden from world and again you are doing same with Gen.Qamar Bajwa.

The suicide attack in BSF camp and army corps command isn’t similar to purchasing a packet of chips where you go to market shell out few notes and get chips but a well though planning which takes not days but weeks to months to do recce before actually launching terror attack. So linking oath ceremony of Gen.Bajwa to attack doesn’t fit present scenario unless those linking it have agenda.

That doesn’t make Gen.Bajwa a holy saint who is going to plant rose plants in LoC/IB as be it Gen.Bajwa or Raheel Sheriff or Parvez Musharraf they all are same when it comes to their views about India as the basic tenant of Pakistan army is Jihad not serving nation untill death, as in case of Indian Army.

Pakistan media wasn’t discussing about who new army chief of their country would be as much as Indian Media was holding debates everyday for last one month on same, giving wrong impression about how much India is concerned about New Pak army chief post . Never seen such debates in Pak channels when India army chief or R&WE chief is to be appointed.

Anil Mattoo