Next Air Strike will be the deadliest! Indian Air Force all set to buy advanced ‘Bunker-Buster’ version of Spice-2000 Bombs

The name “Spice-2000 Bomb” echoed across the nooks and corners of the world after the Indian Air Force carried out a successful air strike on the terror camps of Jaish-e-Mohammad that was located in Pakistan’s Balakot. One cannot deny that the air strike was a bigger success because of the presence of Spice-2000 Bomb. During the Air Strike, 12 Mirage-2000 fighters entered Pakistani airspace and dropped Spice-2000 bombs and eliminated over 300 terrorists in Pakistan.

Now the Spice-2000 Bombs will be even more powerful because the Indian Air Force is now planning to buy an advanced version of Israel-made Spice-2000 bombs that are capable of destroying structures like buildings and bunkers.

Indian Air Force To Buy Advanced ‘Bunker-Buster’ Version Of Spice-2000 Bombs Used During Balakot Air Strike
Spice 2000 Missile

The central government sources had also stated “The IAF is now planning to acquire the bunker buster or the building destroyer version with Mark 84 warhead which can decimate targeted buildings”. They added “The acquisition is likely to be done through the emergency powers granted to the three services for buying any equipment of their choice worth up to Rs 300 crore to prepare for any hostilities”.

Reports said “The Spice-2000 bombs used in the Balakot strikes were the penetrator version which made holes using their weight in the concrete rooftops of the buildings in the Jaish camp which don’t destroy buildings but explode inside killing people with the mix of 70-80 kg explosives with shrapnel”.

Note that SPICE stands for Smart, Precise Impact, Cost Effective and this deadly bomb comes from a family of standoff air-to-ground weapon systems. The SPICE-2000 bombs that were used in the Balakot Air Strike were biggest conventional bomb that can be delivered by IAF. It is used on French-origin Mirage-2000 jets. IAF acquired SPICE-2000 for use against fortified and underground command centres, reported Economic Times.

Note just the Indian Air Force, but the Defence Ministry is heavily modernizing the Indian Army and the Indian Navy.