Next target political parties? Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up electoral reforms issue with all party members.

PM Narendra Modi who has taken up massive hunt against black money holders, is now likely to take up big electoral reforms. The electoral reforms which is been pending from decades requires massive revamp.

The political parties are well known to have huge amount of black money and benami donors and it is high time someone had to bring in major changes. According to reports, the Prime Minister is likely to discuss about transparency in party funding and also holding of simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. The PM who is stressing on the electoral reforms, also welcomed the Election Commission suggestion on state sponsored elections which will simultaneously reduce black money use and misuse of funds.

Senior BJP leaders said that PM had discussed about the issue during the all party meet in winter session of parliament and is looking for consensus from all party for conducting Lok sabha and state elections simultaneously. The Prime Minister is likely to call again for all party meeting soon and is very keen on bringing the reform before the end of 2017.

With polls happening every year, the political parties are more likely to use every opportunity to attract votes by freebies instead of real reforms, which is hurting the Indian economy badly. Since decades, its become a habit for the politician parties to use developmental project as poll gimmick and misuse tax payers money for their political benefits.

The Election Commission also wants political parties to come to a consensus regarding the poll funding and wants the legal limit under anonymous donation to be reduced to Rs 2,000 from the existing Rs 20,000. The EC has also suggested to cancel the exemption from Income Tax to all those political parties which haven’t contested Lok Sabha and State elections.

The EC plans to deregister parties and to countermand polls if sufficient evidence can be found to prove that parties have been misusing money power to influence voters.

Aishwarya S