Why the Nexus of Pseudo-Secular Brigade and Paid Media Condemn Mr. Giriraj Singh?

Voicing the concerns of Hindus is a communal crime in India. Screeching for preference to Muslims is Secularism in India. If a Politician happens to indulge in the Crime of speaking for Hindus, the Paid Media is in the charge of painting the politician as ‘Controversial’ leader who embarrasses the Party. The Hindu Population of India automatically gets brainwashed to feel embarrassed for the Leader who speaks their concerns. This Nexus of Secular Brigade and ‘Presstitutes’ always yields expected results.


Doesn’t the Title of the above News Write-up give an impression of the BJP MoS Giriraj Singh advocating  ‘Forced Sterilization’ as done in the past by Sanjay Gandhi during Emergency? People form an opinion of disgust even before reading the article. After successfully imbibing the intended impression, they quote what Mr Giriraj Singh actually said.

“India has 17 % of the world population and adds population equal to Australia each year. The country only has 2.5% of land mass of the globe with only 4.2% of water resources. In this scenario, the population explosion in the country is proving to be a big roadblock for development. We need population control act to tide over the problem,” he said. He, however, insisted that it would be wrong to link his support for sterilization as directed against any particular community emphasizing that population control measures were in practice in many countries.”

What a thought-provoking analysis on one of the gravest concerns of our nation! Pray what is there to feel embarrassed about in this brilliant anatomy on Population issue? But the paid Media concludes authoritatively like this-

“The MoS is considered a hardliner in his party and his controversial statements have raised eyebrows and embarrassed the BJP before.”

Now, below is the Actual reason for Writing Off this Thought Process by Paid Media.

Year 1951 2016 Growth (2001-2011)
Hindu Population 84.1% 69.8% 16.8%
Muslim Population 9.8% 24.2% 24.6%


According to 2016 Census, 69.8% of the Population of India practices Hinduism while 24.2% adheres to Islam. In 1951, Hindu Population was 84.1% and Muslim population was 9.8%. One can see how the demography of India is changing gradually over six decades. The increase in the population of Hindus is 16.8% while that of Muslims is 24.6%. It is obvious that Muslim Population is on rapid rise in India. But only 32.6% of Muslims work, which is the lowest among all religions. Hence our Muslim Community is more seriously affected by illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. The key to uplift Muslims of this country is in Population Control.

Now it’s clear why Muslims are the Vote-bank of Seculars. The thriving population of Muslims is a welcome situation. More Population, more votes! But Muslim appeasement doesn’t mean working towards their betterment. They are better kept poor, deprived and uneducated. Even the Maulanas who are self-acclaimed guides and well-wishers of Muslims misguide them to oppose population control. Polygamy in Islam is giving rise to population. But all the Secular Brigade, Islamist Religious Leaders and Paid Media are against Uniform Civil Code for Muslims.


Giriraj Singh sinned in being vocal about this worrying demographic change in India over the decades. Hence the need to present him as a ‘Controversial Leader’ who embarrasses the BJP by shooting through his mouth. But the fact is for us to see. In all the places where demography faced major change by Muslims becoming majority and Hindus minority, there are atrocities against Hindus. Exodus of Pandits from Kashmir, Unrest in Malda UP, Exodus of Hindus in Kairana, UP, Durga Puja Ban in West Bengal, Mass Murdering of Hindus in Kerala are just the few examples.This pattern is seen in all Islamic countries. The exodus , forced conversions and murders of Hindus in Pakistan, PoK and Bangladesh are the reasons for the rapid  diminishing of Hindus in these Islamic countries.

Read here to know what awaits India in future:- By 2050, India will have the largest Muslim Population. The process has started already. Symptoms can be seen.


But shut up Mr Giriraj Singh! Don’t force Population Control on Muslims. Children are the gift of Allah! Don’t advise the diminishing Hindus to maintain the demographic Hindu Population. You are embarrassing your party!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi