NIA busts major ISIS terror module conspiracy to carry out attack on RSS Headquarters in Delhi

In a big move to save the nation from deadly terror attacks, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in a joint-operation with Anti-terrorism squad of the Uttar Pradesh police has busted an Islamic State module named ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam’ based in Delhi and UP that was allegedly planning attacks in North India, especially Delhi.

The module called ‘Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam’ bases are currently being raided across 16 locations in Delhi and UP ( Amroha, Ghaziabad and Lucknow). There are at least 6-7 locations in Delhi itself, mostly in Seelampur.
The agency has seized weapons and sophisticated explosives for the planned terror attacks from the suspects. 100 mobiles, 135 SIMs, laptops, Rs 7.5 lakh cash, over 100 alarm clocks(which were to be used as timers), batteries, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, sugar paste, sulphur, pipes, 12 pistols, 150 rounds ammo, country made rocket launcher, material to prepare bulletproof vest are recovered from the attackers. ISIS flags have also been seized from the suspects.

The investigative agency has detained 10 people, including a group leader of a newly traced Islamic State module and other suspects are being questioned. A woman believed to be linked to the module has also been detained and is being questioned. The suspects held from Delhi have been identified as Zubair, Azam, Anas, and Zaid.

The emir of the outfit has also been arrested from Amroha. He has been identified as Sohail. Suspects had formed an outfit and pledged allegiance to Islamic State. They had carried out the recce of RSS office in Delhi and Delhi Police headquarter and had planned to launch attack on Republic Day, according to sources

All members of Module are highly radicalised. All the members are of age group 20-30 years and belong largely to middle income group. They were influenced by the teachings of Zakir Naik. The accused and suspects were engaged in following occupations: Moulvi (emir), Civil Engineering student from Amity University in Noida, BA III yr student, auto-rickshaw driver, welding shop owner, garments business. Arrested terror suspect Zubair is a DU student. He was pursuing BA 3rd year. Anas is an Amity student, sources said. The module was active since 3-4 months and as it developed, agencies got inputs about the same

The module was largely self-funded. Some members had stolen gold from their homes and sold it to raise funds. The plan of the module seemed to be to carry out blasts with remote-controlled explosives or execute fidayeen attack on vital installations, security installations, important persons and crowded places.The module was also in touch with a foreign-based handler whose location and identity is still being established

According to the NIA sources, there were five such teams in Delhi which were planning attacks on important offices in the national capital.The questioning of those nabbed would reveal vital information about the module, their plans and handlers said,the NIA sources

Source : Republic World