Nidhi Goyal, India’s first visually impaired stand-up comedian!

‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude.’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi had celebrated his 66thbirthday last year by distributing aid & enabling equipment to 11,223 Divyangs at Navsari in Gujarat. Our great leader has always emphasized on the point of giving ‘Divyangs’ the opportunity to empower themselves & grow. The Prime Minister has also walked the talk on ‘Women Empowerment.’ This article is a dedication to one of the strongest women (every woman is strong) I’ve watched.

NidhiGoyal was 15 when she lost her eyesight. Guess what? She doesn’t need any of your lip sympathy. 16 years later she is one of the strongest, smartest & happiest people you’ll ever meet. Today, she is India’s first visually impaired stand-up comedian. Nidhi was an activist who worked for gender justice and disability rights at the national and international levels. Nidhi had never planned to become a stand-up comedian. She was ridiculed initially, but her friends liked her style of narrating personal experiences.

One of her friends & fellow activists PramodMenon was impressed with Nidhi’s narration of personal adventures & experiences. She gave Nidhi a six-month deadline & asked her to get a performance ready. So, Nidhi sat & wrote down all the incidents that were on top of her mind and got a script together. Nidhi also said the stories were a compilation of her personal stories &other Divyangs, she meets as an activist.

The set presented by Nidhi is a collage of her personal story & other Divyangs. “Stories that will make you see the hilarity in the myths and assumptions surrounding disability and just how far they are from the truth.” Nidhi exposes the flawed beliefs in the society that are prevalent even today.

Popular stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal introduced to the world with her series, Bad Girls. Nidhi’s first performance in February was an instant hit both offline & online. Her first video is at 500K+ views on YouTube.Seek inspiration from Nidhi and make sure you ‘Open your Eyes.’


Alok Shetty