Nidhi Razdan strikes a massive self goal, asks proof of NDTV fake stories, check what happened!

Seems like Nidhi Razdan doesn’t realise the power of the social media and wants to play games by mocking others.

She obviously tries very hard to be smart just like all other media people but miserably fails when she gets caught red handed. The same thing happened today. A news portal of Pakistan called the Times of Islamabad, posted a tweet thanking NDTV for providing data for them to prove Make in India was flop. As soon as the news went viral, people started mocking NDTV and questioning their intentions for supporting a Pakistani media.

But NDTV replied that they had no links with Times of Islamabad and had not provided any data.

Sambit Patra tweeted the same with a sarcastic expression for which NDTV was annoyed and said the news portal was fake and BJP was alleging them of supporting Pakistan.

But Nidhi Razdan who intervened to reply to a man for mocking NDTV demanded proof to show when and where NDTV had run fake stories. But this turned to be the biggest self goal as NDTV is very well known for running fake stories, twisting facts and misinformation. They have apologized to ministers hundreds of times before.

The twitteratis flooded Nidhi Razdan’s time line with proof showing hundreds of fake stories made by NDTV before. It was a slap on her face who asked the most stupid question.


Aishwarya S