Nirav Modi looted Rs 11,400 crores but Rahul Gandhi got a commission of Rs 11,600 crores? Here’s what Rahul Gandhi revealed which has put Congress into deep trouble!

Since last two weeks, the media are reporting that the fraudulent transactions that took place in Punjab National Bank was worth Rs 11,400 crores. This fraud that was well executed by Nirav Modi and his uncle Choksi with the alleged help of Congress leaders during 2011 has got a new twist. The amount looted by these diamond mafia goons are not Rs 11,400 crores but almost double than that amount.

The dramatic twist has been emerged after Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on 21st February. He has tweeted that Nirav Modi has looted Rs 22,000 crore. Have a look at his tweet!

Modi Ji, last month you ignored my suggestions for your Mann Ki Baat monologue.

Why ask for ideas when in your heart you know what every Indian wants to hear you speak about?

1. Nirav Modi’s 22,000 Cr. Loot & Scoot

2. The 58,000 Cr. RAFALE scam.

I look forward to your sermon.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, who said you that Nirav Modi has looted not Rs 11,400 crores but Rs 22,000 crores?

While there was a discussion of how Nirav Modi and Choksi looted the Punjab National Bank, the Congress President- who has no expertise in the financial sector- has come up with his own figure. While the investigations say that the loot is Rs 11,400, how can Rahul Gandhi say that the loot amount is Rs 22,000?

Is it so that as the Congress party has alleged links with the loot, Rahul Gandhi knows the exact figure of the “loot” that has taken place?

The initial investigations has revealed that the “loot” started in the Congress led UPA era. While one after another proof is emerging, the Congress was in a denial mode, but the tweet made by Rahul Gandhi has put the Congress in a deep trouble.

If Congress wasn’t a part of the scam, then how could Rahul Gandhi say that the loot had mounted upto Rs 22,000 crores? Yesterday, February 20th, even the Income Tax Department issued a notice to Anita Singhvi, the wife of senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi, asking her to explain about certain jewellery purchases, amounting to Rs 60 million, from a showroom owned by beleaguered diamantaire Nirav Modi.

Income Tax department suspected that about Rs 15 million was paid by cheque for the purchase of the jewellery, while about Rs 48 million was paid in cash by Anita Singhvi.

At this crucial time, Rahul Gandhi has added over Rs 10,000 crore more to the loot. Now, Rahul Gandhi should answer how he got that figure? As the investigation agencies doesn’t report directly to Rahul Gandhi, he can’t say he got this secret information from the central agencies.

Has Rahul Gandhi got a commission of over Rs 10,000 crore from the loot? Such suspicions has been erupted after Rahul Gandhi’s tweet. Here are few other evidences that raise fingers at the Congress party!

  • Dinesh Dubey, a government nominee director of Allahabad Bank, had opposed sanction of Rs 1500 + Rs 50 Cr to Gitanjali Jewellers owned by Nirav Modi’s uncle Mehul Choksi- during a meeting of the Board of Directors of the bank at Kolkata on September 14, 2013. But Congress threatened and forced him to resign.
  • Nirav Modi and Rahul Gandhi had met on September 13, 2013, and the funds sanctioned a day later to Nirav Modi. So, does it mean that Rahul Gandhi received a favor from Nirav Modi and in return sanctioned funds when his party was in power?

Hansika Raj