Nitish Kumar slams Congress party; says ‘don’t have to learn anything from Congress’!

Biggest political news has come out which has shaken the Congress party. Postcard news has been constantly predicting that Bihar CM Nitish Kumar may soon breakup with “mahaghatbhandhan”. Today Nitish Kumar proved that he doesn’t value Congress any more. Yes, Nitish Kumar said that he doesn’t have anything to learn from Congress.

This statement holds a lot of significance because till now none of the supporters of Congress never dared to question Sonia Gandhi led Congress. And those who have questioned had met a tragic end. Congress was trying to conquer the Prime Minister’s  throne in 2019 by nominating Nitish Kumar as presidential candidate. But from few months Nitish Kumar has constantly said that he is not in the PM race. This created a lot of embarrassment to the Congress party.

Congress is trying to interpret Nitish Kumar’s statement differently so that it can save it’s face but the truth is Nitish has openly raged a war against Congress led UPA. Did he mean that he doesn’t have anything to learn from the gem of Congress, Rahul Gandhi?

Congress was highly embarrassed when Nitish Kumar supported NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind even though Congress nominated a dalit candidate who was born with golden spoon in her mouth. Even though Nitish has a clean image he was haunted by the scams of Lalu and family. Lalu even had back stabbed Nitish by approaching 2 central ministers and asked them to withdraw the case and in return he promised to uproot Nitish government.

So how can Nitish survive with a bunch of backstabbers and unethical people? So today he spoke out like a leader and said that he doesn’t have to learn anything from the Congress party.

Nitish is most likely to join the NDA team very soon. This may perhaps happen after Presidential elections or even before that.

The magic of Modi is slowly but steadily impressing Nitish Kumar. Let Rahul Gandhi fulfill his dream of visiting various nations and look how his party is turning into ashes.

Nishika Ram