Nitish Kumar to take oath as Bihar CM today: Was this planned months ago by PM Modi and Nitish?

The political fraternity was surprised by the move taken by Nitish Kumar. Lalu apparently got a severe blow but the biggest loser is Congress. It suffered a major blow on its “Mission 2019”. When we analyse all the developments that took place in the recent months, we can come to a conclusion that the move taken by Nitish Kumar was well planned along with top BJP leaders.

Within few minutes of tendering resignation by Nitish Kumar, BJP calls for a parliamentary meeting which was even attended by PM Modi. It wouldn’t be possible unless it was well planned. In the BJP meeting, senior party leader JP Nadda said the board is against mid-term polls in the state. So they are ready join hands with Nitish to reach the magical number in the Bihar assembly.

Why Nitish Kumar didn’t sack Lalu’s son and kept his decision pending from past 2 months?

Lalu and his sons were getting exposed in one after another scams but Nitish didn’t sack him. If Nitish Kumar had sacked Tejaswi Yadav, than chances were such that Lalu would appoint his close aide as the deputy CM of Bihar. If this happened, than the “grand alliance” would have been intact. Perhaps Nitish Kumar didn’t wanted this to happen.

Was it Nitish who approached PM Modi?

Well, the question is who initiated to join hands; PM Modi led BJP or Nitish Kumar? It seems like Nitish, because he was the one who openly praised PM Modi’s demonetisation even though the other stake holders of grand alliances were attacking PM Modi. Later Nitish openly praised PM Modi on several instances.

Nitish Kumar to take oath as the CM tomorrow at 5 PM

This was expected but none had predicted that these developments will happen so soon.  In the BJP parliamentary meeting, it was said that they won’t prefer an election and after few hours news emerge that Nitish Kumar will be the new CM of Bihar.

These developments say that Nitish Kumar joined hands with BJP well in advance to put a break on the corrupt rule of Lalu in Bihar. This move is considered as a major game changer for 2019 elections because Nitish was treated as a serious contender for the Prime Ministerial post. But now, there is no opposition for PM Modi. Sonia led Congress is already drowning in the Bofors case and Samjhauta Secret tape; now this has been a final nail in the coffin.

Nishika Ram