No, BJP never bribed us to join BJP! This sensational claim is made by none other than the Congress MLA

Congress blamed BJP with baseless allegations of offering ministerial posts but the fact is that Congress has openly offered CM and deputy CM post to JDS which made JDS accept support. And of course, we are aware of below the table deal which could include money and quashing of corruption cases.

These people in an operation to lower PM Modi, went ahead and hired media to keep ranting BJP is doing horse trading and in truth whole 38 horses with noose are kidnapped and sold to Rahul Gandhi to hide his sins and also lost another mandate. All this good on run to 2019 as more voters will believe in PM Narendra Modi.

Facebook post of Congress MLA Shivram Hebbar from Yellapur, in which he denies his wife ever getting a call from BJP, calls it a fake audio clip!! Shame on Congress for brazenly lying, spreading mis-information and media channels for lapping it up. 

Breaking News: Congress MLA Shivram Hebbar himself says claims of bribes to INC MLAs by Yeddyurappa & Co. during Karnataka Floor Test are false & fake!

Were those audio tapes unveiled by Team Dynasty indeed concocted by mimicry artists?? Shocking!!

Would they go to jail for lying? Or would Supreme Court let them breathe free as Congress is the holy symbol of Lies? Where are those principles of Congress party?? Does Rahul Gandhi forget everything that he says before elections or does he have a poor memory to remember? Anyway, it is politics. There is no permanent friend nor foes here.

This was rather expected. No man with common sense would try talking on the phone regarding this topic. A literate would know that phones will be recorded. Congress audio clip tactics are the funniest. Though tried and tested for years, they are not fed up of it.

It was handy-work of Congress dirty tricks department and their media partners. Congress has a skill up its sleeve to spread propaganda to create a narrative be it demonising RSS, seeding in the innocent minds that BJP is anti-minority, Muslim hating, creating caste divides, etc

Congress MLA Shivaram Hebbar dismisses taped audio of his wife and BJP leaders.

2 days ago, Congress released audio tape & said BJP leaders offered Money, Cabinet post to Shivaram and also closure of mining cases against his son.

Now, Congress MLA saying that Congress is lying.

Let me ask Rahul Gandhi where is morality now? Nation demands you to come out now and apologize in a press conference today itself or you will see the result in 2019 yourself. We will show our strength in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. It’s for survival. We will ensure our PM Modi to come back victorious.